Pandya Store 5th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Raavi get kidnapped

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Pandya Store 5th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arushi calling Shiva and complaining that he isn’t a good boyfriend. He says I don’t know all this. She says I won’t marry you if you can’t become a good BF. He says I will come to meet you, don’t worry, I will marry you. Raavi gets Dev’s call and says Shiva isn’t coming with me, he is going to the highway restaurant to meet Arushi. Dev says fine, we will be there. Shiva leaves from the house. Arushi says he is an emotional fool, I will make him fill sindoor in my maang. She says I m going to meet Shiva. Malti worries. Raavi sits on Shiva’s bike and says you have to drop me to the temple. Shiva says don’t hold me, else I will make you fall down. They leave. Arushi leaves. Malti follows her. She gets a call and says meet me on the highway, faint Arushi if needed. Dhara says they left the city or not. She calls Malti. Malti disconnects. Few goons wait for Shiva. Shiva asks Raavi to go. Raavi says fine, I will go. The man says its not two women, but a couple. The goons get confused. Raavi thinks where are Dev and Rishita. Shiva asks her to just go.

She sees the goon and thinks Dev and Rishita sent them. She asks did Dev and Rishita sent you to kidnap us. The goon asks who are they. Raavi says there is some confusion. He hits Raavi and catches her. He puts her in the car. Shiva sees this and shouts. The goons catch him also. Dhara worries. Dev and Rishita come there. they don’t see Shiva getting kidnapped. Malti and Arushi come there. Malti says where is the black car, why aren’t they kidnapping Arushi. She faints Arushi. Suman and everyone come home with Prerna and Shweta. Dhara does Krish and Prerna’s aarti. Suman asks Prerna to come in. Prerna hugs her. Dev and Rishita see Shiva getting kidnapped by the goons. They shout Shiva. Malti puts Arushi in Dev’s car. The goons leave. Malti says I told you to kidnap my girl. Rishita asks did you get the black car and same clothes. Dev says what shall we do now. They see Arushi. Dev says it means Shiva and Raavi got kidnapped. Suman says Dhara, call the pandit, we will get Prerna and Krish married. She asks Shweta what does she want to do. She taunts her and asks will you divorce Krish. Shweta says I will divorce Krish. She goes. Krish says how can she agree. Prerna says you should be happy. Krish says something is wrong. Gautam says maybe she changed. Dev follows the goon’s car. The goons take a turn. Arushi gets conscious and sees Malti. She says stop the car. Malti says shut up. Arushi shouts stop the car. Dev thinks someone stop her. Arushi says Aai, you were kidnapping me. Malti says car won’t stop. Dev stops the car. Arushi runs away. Malti runs after her. Dhara asks Krish to take medicines and fruits for the baby. Krish asks is everything fine. She says yes, you go.

She says I have to know Shweta’s motives first, then I will find Raavi. She goes to Shweta. She asks her to say what she wants instead the divorce. Arushi says I hate you. Malti asks her to listen. Arushi argues. Malti says I won’t let you ruin Dhara and your lives. Arushi says I will ruin her life.

Raavi asks the goons who are you. Arushi asks Dhara to welcome her. She says I m Dhara’s stepsister Arushi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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