Pandya Store 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Chiku leaves the house

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Pandya Store 5th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita, Prerna and Raavi thinking of their memories in the house. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Prerna says I came here and spoke of breaking the house, trust me, my intention wasn’t such. Raavi says its not wrong to think for our kids. Rishita says mum is hurt, her sons are her strength. Raavi says we are thinking of our kids’ future, its our responsibility. Suman and Dhara come. Dhara says there is another responsibility, when the house is getting divided, divide the work also, make food for yourself, remember this will stay the same now until this house gets sold. Gautam thinks of his brothers. His brothers follow. A man taunts Gautam and says better you all stay separated. Gautam asks what did you say. He beats the man. The man says sorry. Gautam says truth is bitter.

Rishita says why don’t you understand that its our profit to sell the house, we will stay away and there will be love. Shweta comes with her bag. She says I m leaving, I got a job, I don’t have degree, so I can’t lose this opportunity. Suman says yes, no one has an interest in keeping you here or staying together, stay happy and let everyone stay happy. Shweta meets everyone. Rishita says keep this change, try to become a better person, all the best. Chiku comes downstairs.

Shweta apologizes to Dhara. Dhara hugs her. Chiku says I m also leaving with Shweta. Dhara is shocked. Shweta says no, this is your house, Dhara is your mum. He says no, you are my mum. Dhara hugs him and asks am I not your mum. He says you aren’t my real mum. Suman says Chiku, Dhara is your mum. Chiku says real mum saves kids, like Malti protected you but you didn’t save us. Dhara says yes, I will protect you. He says you always make promises and break it, you said you will get help and left, Shweta came there, she is my real mother, I will stay with her. Gautam gets emotional and sees the Pandya store. Dev, Shiva and Krish look on and recall their childhood moments.

Dhara asks Chiku to stop. She opens arms for him. He hugs Suman. He meets everyone and hugs. He doesn’t hug Dhara. The kids come and hug Chiku. They ask him not to go. Dhara stops Rishita and says no one will talk in between today, Chiku wants to go, he can go, I won’t stop him today, but don’t come back ever.

Dhara says the house is getting sold. Shiva meets Suman and asks her to stay with him. She refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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