Pandya Store 5th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta creates a huge drama

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Pandya Store 5th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta scolding Dhara. Dhara says I pity your thinking. Shweta says you all are against me, you think I will get weak, I m not weak, I didn’t go upstairs to die but to take Chiku’s clothes, I will see how you make me out, I m the bahu of this house, I m Krish’s wife. Shiva scolds her. She says I will see how you get me arrested, Chiku will stay with me, I will call police. Suman says we have humanity in us, get out, you won’t take Chiku with you, you ruined our house. Jankana scolds Shweta. Shweta says I don’t want to keep relation with you, you aren’t good parents. She shouts on everyone. Suman says we aren’t bad like you, we gave you many chances after knowing your truth, get out of my house. Shweta says you are their mum, what did you do for them, you always scold them when they make a small mistake. She argues with Suman.

She says you have ousted Dhara and Raavi for the love towards one of your son. She asks Suman to call the police. Suman says I can call the police, but I don’t want to make the drama public. Jankana says I agree with Suman, you will ruin their family. Shweta says I m wrong, right, I will show you. She packs her bags. Rishita says don’t tale Chiku along. Shweta asks her to go and handle Chutki. Rishita says I m not Dhara, talk to me well. Shweta says you are also foolish like her. Shweta gets leaving. Jankana says don’t dare to touch Chiku. Shweta asks why, he is my son, you can’t snatch my rights. Dhara cries and says Gautam, ask Shweta not to take Chiku.

Gautam asks Shweta not to do this, let Chiku stay here. Shweta asks why, you get your own child if you want to raise kids. Dhara cries. Shiva asks how are you talking to Gautam. Shweta says Chiku is my child, I can keep him anywhere, who are you to tell me, you think I will listen to you, no one listens to you in this family, you are just elder for saying, but you listen to your wife, you are blind in her love. She asks Krish to say something. Krish says I will send you divorce papers, sign it without any drama, send me your address when I call you. Dev says Shweta… Shweta jokes on him and asks him to chant Rishita’s name.

Rishita gets angry. Shweta says Shiva is really a fool, you love Raavi a lot, but one spark of doubt has ruined your relation, you can’t trust anyone, I m telling you all once again, all the problems happened because of Dhara, if Dhara didn’t take Chiku’s custodianship papers, then there would have been peace and happiness in the house. Dhara says you should have taken the money. Shweta says no need to do this drama, you are still hugging the baby, because of whom your entire family shattered. She snatches Chiku from Dhara. Dhara says don’t take him. Shweta says I m showing him his place. Dhara says you want to take him to punish me. Shweta says I will do what I want. Krish says you have always done that. He asks Dhara to let her take Chiku, no one will give her money seeing her face. Shweta says yes, right, my mom and dad didn’t give me money, now I will use him and make him beg. They all get shocked.

Shweta says I will stay on roads with him. She leaves with Chiku. Dhara goes after her. Shiva sees Raavi. Gautam gets Dhara back. Suman says enough of Chiku’s drama, handle your family now. Dhara enters the house, and holds Raavi’s hand. Raavi doesn’t come in. She says I won’t come inside.

Raavi says I broke relation with Pandya family, it happened as you wanted. She tells this to Shweta. Shiva apologizes to Dhara. Dhara thinks to find a solution to join Raavi and Shiva’s relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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