Pandya Store 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Deven flees

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Pandya Store 4th October 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta and Krish getting Raavi and Shiva for the dance. Everyone dances. Shweta engages everyone. Deven signs her to steal the keys. Shweta takes the keys. Suman asks what happened, did you fall down. Shweta says no. Suman holds her hand. Shweta gets away and passes the keys to Deven. The keys fall. He sits to pick it. Dhara looks on. She says their relation is strange, he is apologizing to her. Gautam asks Dhara to come and dance. Deven dances and goes to Suman’s room. Shweta follows. Deven asks him to just go. Shweta sees him robbing the money. She thinks to take the recording from him. Rishita says where did Shweta and Deven go. Shweta takes Deven’s phone and breaks it. She scolds him. Dhara asks Krish are you happy. Krish says I m the most happy. She says my heart isn’t agreeing that you are marrying for your happiness, I don’t see your madness for Shweta. He says I have learnt that my happiness is in family’s happiness, get happy, Chiku is coming him forever and ever. Rishita thinks and goes to Suman’s room. Shweta and Deven fight. Shweta sees Rishita coming. She says you can’t take this money, Rishita is coming, she will send you to jail. Deven hits on her head and snatches the money. He runs from the window. Shweta faints. Rishita comes inside and gets shocked. She shouts to everyone. They see Shweta unconscious and ask what happened. She sees the cupboard open. She sees the chest open. She asks who robbed the money, the window is open, look there.

Rishita asks Dhara not to tear the costly saree. Raavi gets the first aid. Hari asks what was Shweta doing here. Gautam says doctor is coming. Dhara does the first aid. Suman says show me cctv footage to nab the thief. Rishita says its not working. Suman asks Shiva to call the police. Shweta gets up. She thinks Rishita had seen me, he can tell everything to the police. Dhara asks what happened here, the money got stolen. Shweta asks did the thief get caught. Rishita says no, what happened, who was the thief, where is your brother. Jankana says let Shweta take a breath first. Shweta says I had seen the thief, he had hit me on my head, I didn’t let him take the bag, Deven left early, he had some work, the bag was here. She gives the bag. Suman checks and says two lakhs are less. Shweta says sorry, the thief was strong, he had hit on my head. Suman says its okay, you are safe, you saved the money. Dhara says Suman is right, you got saved. Doctor comes and checks Shweta. He injects her. He goes. Raavi says we will take Shweta outside to have fresh air. Rishita gets the tea and says how did the thief know about the keys, just Shweta knew it, I had seen her opening the cupboard. Dhara asks Krish to take the milk for Shweta. He says I feel awkward. Gautam comes and says a policeman will be guarding our house. Dhara says its good. Krish asks Shweta to have the milk. She says I don’t drink it. He insists and makes her drink. He asks is there anything to share. She sees Deven at the window. She asks Krish to leave, she has to sleep. She makes him out and shuts the door. He enters the room and goes to hold her.

Deven is in Shweta’s room. Dhara comes. He hides under the bed. The bangles falls down. Dhara bends to pick it. Shweta worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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