Pandya Store 4th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishita suggests a plan

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Pandya Store 4th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita saying Dhara was in shock so she didn’t tell her. Raavi says she would have thought to get them back in her life, she took an advantage of Shiva’s memory loss and thought of getting Arushi and Shiva married. Dhara raises hand on her. Raavi holds her hand and scolds her. Malti recalls Arushi’s words and cries. Dhara says my dad committed suicide because of my mum, I got stained because of her, I couldn’t forget this ever. Suman cries. Dhara says I had no strength to bear the pain, my mum wasn’t with me, guys used to tease me thinking I have no one, the women also accused me and called me characterless. Gautam cries. Dhara says when Malti came in front of me, I hate her.

Raavi says I understand you well, you would have got Arushi and Shiva married and proved yourself innocent, just like you did with Prerna, Krish and Shweta. Arushi thinks what is Raavi doing there. Rishita asks Raavi not to blame Dhara. Raavi argues.

Suman and Gautam defend Dhara. Raavi says Arushi told me that its Dhara’s plan to get Shiva and Arushi married. Arushi says Dhara would be so worried. She smiles. Malti calls someone and says its time, you have to come, Arushi has to see my angry side. Rishita consoles Raavi. Raavi says I don’t care for anyone now, I will think of myself, I don’t care if I insult Dhara. Rishita gets an idea. She says you forgot the main topic, to get back Shiva’s memory, you remember my dad got you and Shiva kidnapped once, thinking its me and Dev, we have to create that memory again, Dev and I will get you kidnapped. She asks her to have food. Dhara sits crying in her room. Gautam comes and says you don’t need to get embarrassed because of your mum. Dhara says she has to leave the city. He says I m with you. Dev says no, I can’t kidnap Shiva. Rishita says you are strong like Shiva and intelligent also, we are doing this to make Shiva fine, can’t you do this. He says yes, we can. Malti sees Arushi. Arushi calls Shiva.

Raavi dresses up in a saree and looks stunning. Shiva sees Raavi coming. Kesariya….plays.. She asks him to drop her to the temple. He refuses. She says I have a mannat, when everything gets fine, I will give chunar to Devimaa. Shiva says forgive me, I can’t drop you, tell Dev. Dev hides. Raavi says Dev isn’t at home. Shiva says tell Gautam or Krish. Dev and Rishita leave from the house. Arushi calls again. Malti says Dhara is everything for Shiva, have tea, pack the bags and we will leave.

Arushi throws the tea. Malti thinks of some other plan. Arushi says Dhara is calling you, I will talk to her. Raavi insists Shiva to drop her.

Raavi and Shiva get kidnapped by the real goons. Raavi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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