Pandya Store 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Raavi’s argument

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Pandya Store 4th January 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi and Shiva arguing. She asks for her rights. She says I have a problem that you would hide many such matters in future if I don’t make you realize the mistake. Anita meets Kamini and tells everything. She says little fights are going on. Kamini says we have to see that the fight goes on, I have sent the pic, I will send the video soon. Shiva gets Raavi and Kamini’s pics. He thinks she has learnt this nonsense from Kamini. He stops Raavi. He asks did you go out before the party. Raavi says yes, Anita took me for shopping. He asks whom did you meet there. She asks why shall I tell you.

She says I didn’t meet anyone. He asks sure. She says yes. He says okay and goes. Suman goes to Rishita’s room. She says you want to go to Maayka again, the woman who has a respect in Sasural has respect in Maayka. Rishita says I have no respect here, my Sasural did wrong with my Maayka, what’s wrong if they love me. Suman says its good they love you, I came to say happy new year, my three bahus are equal for me, I love you all the same, I will go.

Suman says this year won’t be happy for Dhara, Rishita and Raavi are upset, its a hint of a storm coming. Gautam and Dhara have tea at the stall. She says the children have grown up now. He explains her. She says we should divide the rights and responsibilities now, we will open bank accounts for them and put profits in it every month. He says idea is good. She says I trust you. He says we trust ourselves. Suman comes to Raavi.

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Suman comes to Raavi and asks about her anger. She says you got angry that you weren’t involved in the plan, they hid it from me. Raavi says you are the house, I m the part of the house, they made me away. Suman says you are right, I won’t come between your talks, happy new year. Raavi also wishes. Shiva lies to sleep. He misses Raavi. Raavi also misses him. They recall their moments. She says I feel hurt today. Roke na ruke…plays….

Dev comes to Rishita and says please don’t do a job this time, I remember what happened when you worked. Raavi says you all are on Dhara’s side. Dev says you don’t want Dhara’s IVF, fine, I will tell Dhara that we will give our baby to her. They argue. Raavi goes out to Anita. Anita says I love Hardik a lot, talk to Dhara. Raavi says I can’t guarantee it. Anita says you know it, do something. Raavi hugs her. Shiva comes and looks on. Shiva says I have to break their connection. Anita thinks it will be fun when Shiva sees that video. She goes. Shiva and Raavi hear Rishita arguing and run to see. Rishita says I will not leave the job, you should motivate me. She gets angry on them. Dev stops her. She asks him to ask Shiva and Raavi to leave. She says you don’t become junior Dhara to lecture me. Raavi says its like calling me ill. Shiva says you mean Dhara’s name is some illness. Raavi says I didn’t mean that. Shiva takes her to the room. He says Anita is putting all this on your mind, you met Kamini in the market, tell me. Raavi is shocked seeing the video.

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He says I had made some dreams for you, you are forcing me to dump the dreams, how will I take our relation ahead. She says its not like that, I had no intention to hide, I went to market, but not to meet Bua. She tells how she saved Kamini’s purse from a thief. Kamini hugs her and thanks.

Shiva asks what about Anita, she is brainwashing you. Raavi argues. She says Anita is in love with someone, she wants to marry. He asks whose house she wants to ruin. She says Hardik, she has proved herself right. He asks what nonsense, are you fine, why are you talking badly with Dhara, I m trying hard to have our tuning, if you do this, then I can never be yours.

Suman asks can Gautam and Dhara’s decision unite the family. Dhara tells the decision to the family. Rishita argues. Raavi creates a scene at the store.

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