Pandya Store 4th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta accuses Dhara

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Pandya Store 4th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the family saving Shweta. Krish asks her to remember that she got saved because of them. Shiva says I will call the police. Gautam says police will come and see me in uniform, I can’t leave them alone. Shweta breaks his phone. Shiva calls her mad. He asks how dare you break my phone. She says I will break your head, stay away. Krish shouts on her. Jankana and Hari look at Shweta. Shweta says mom, you are hurt to give birth to a daughter like me, you are the root of all the problems, you remember, I came to talk to you about Deven, you would have explained me with love, this would have not happened, but no, you didn’t meet Deven and rejected him, I eloped with him, you both got angry on me and disowned me, when you had to teach kid about good things, you used to party with friends, when I m doing what I want, you are ashamed of me, you have not taught me family values, you just discussed business deals, I can’t believe that a family like Pandya family exists in this world, you have punished me, you got me married to this cheap guy. Suman and everyone get angry. Shweta says it was your biggest mistake to get me married to this guy, he got an alliance for me, you became his fan, you said yes to him, you didn’t think of asking me, what I want.

She says we don’t have any match, I hate you Krish. Krish asks why did you stay in my room when you hate me, you should have left the house when mum ousted you, oh, you had no place to go, Pandya family was the last option so you came here. Shweta says yes, this was the last option so I stayed here, my mum forced me for this marriage, she said she will give me Chiku’s custodianship, Krish tell everyone, you were also helpless to do this marriage, you did this marriage to fill Dhara’s lap. Everyone is shocked.

Shiva says don’t blame Dhara, you are scolding us. Shweta says stay away, else I will hit you, I know I did wrong, you all forced me to do this, you all have to hear this. She asks Krish why is he silent. He says you told me that you are marrying me to give Chiku to Dhara, you knew I have no interest in Chiku. He says yes, I did marriage for Chiku, everyone knows that you don’t love Chiku, I don’t think I did anything wrong, Chiku deserves Dhara’s love, I did what I find right. Shweta holds his collar and says Chiku is my child, I love him or not, its my wish, you aren’t clean either. Dhara cries and recalls Krish’s words. She says I had asked Krish why he is doing this, he had sworn on me, he didn’t tell me about his sacrifice. Shweta says stop crying, you are selfish, you knew my truth, even then you didn’t tell anyone and let my marriage happen, because Chiku would go with me, and also Chiku’s money, why did you listen to my parents, you acted to have self esteem, money attracts everyone. Raavi says Dhara got blind in Chiku’s love, but I didn’t get you married or taken your money, why did you do this with me, you made me fall in my family’s sight.

Shweta says you paid a price for being with Dhara, your relation got ruined, you all act great and talk of family, entire family is bearing punishment of one person’s mistake, entire mistake isn’t mine, you did a mistake too, you have also lied. She says you didn’t tell Shiva about your pregnancy, you got ready to lie. Raavi says yes, I have lied, not because my heart had sin, I knew it will get tough to explain Shiva, he won’t understand, I couldn’t see him hurt. Shweta says enough, you have made many excuses, you agreed to lie because Dhara told you to do so, I heard Dhara saying you will go to hospital and you don’t need to tell anyone. She scolds Dhara for getting Chiku home. She says you always kept Chiku close, you got Krish married to me, you pressurized him to take our relation ahead, you sacrificed our relation, truth is you just love Chiku, no one else, whatever I did, you all forced me, I don’t care for the relations, I knew it, until I do something big here, I won’t get ousted, so I ruined Raavi and Shiva’s relation, Dhara loves Chiku and money so much, that Dhara accepted me after Suman ousted me. Gautam asks her to shut up. Shweta says sorry, I m not done yet, don’t say anything. She says Dhara had greed for money and Chiku, she has crossed limit, this is her truth, I can end this matter right now, I will apologize to Dhara and she will forgive me, you all can’t do anything. Dhara says you are saying right, its my mistake, entire family is bearing punishment for my goodness. Shweta says you are so innocent, I can see your clever mind, you didn’t forget Chiku even in chaos, you didn’t take Chutki in lap, why, because you know Chiku equals to money.

Raavi says I broke relation with Pandya family, it happened as you wanted. She tells this to Shweta. Shiva apologizes to Dhara. Dhara thinks to find a solution to join Raavi and Shiva’s relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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