Pandya Store 3rd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Raavi learns Dhara and Arushi’s connection

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Pandya Store 3rd June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi asking why is Arushi sending you the pics, what are you hiding. Dhara says I don’t know they are together. Raavi says I will not leave her. Dhara thinks to protect the secret. She says Arushi wants to make you jealous, don’t react, I promise, I won’t let this marriage happen. Rishita asks Raavi to let it be. Dhara asks about Prerna. Rishita tells her everything. Dhara says I will make something for her, send the tiffin by Dev. Gautam says she didn’t react much. Suman says we have to find out what is she upto. Raavi says its related to Shiva and Arushi. She goes. Dhara asks Raavi to help her in kitchen. She calls Malti. Arushi says we won’t go anywhere. Raavi comes there and scolds Arushi.

She asks why do you want to ruin my life. Arushi says go and ask this to Dhara, I will tell you, I have sent those selfies to Dhara, because she wanted to see how her younger sister will look on becoming her Devrani. Raavi looks at her. Arushi says Dhara’s mum is here, she had run away with my dad, Dhara wants me to marry Shiva, she asked me to fool you. Malti asks her to shut up. Arushi says swear on me and be quiet. She lies to Raavi.

Dhara calls Malti again. Arushi shows the call and says she is doing this, don’t you believe me, fine, go and ask Dhara, she doesn’t want to get away from us. Raavi says fine, you respect Dhara’s love, and I will respect my love. Raavi warns her and goes.

Dhara looks for Raavi. Rishita says she has gone to meet Arushi. Dhara gets angry and shouts. Arushi says I have provoked Raavi and Dhara. Malti says don’t burn yourself in the fire of hatred, its wrong. Arushi says stop coming in my way, Raavi will go and tell the truth to the family. Gautam asks what’s bad if Raavi goes to meet Arushi. Dhara says she should have respected my word. Suman scolds her.

Raavi comes home and asks Dhara to answer her, where did she go. Dhara says Munna had called me. Raavi calls Munna there. Munna says I didn’t call Dhara. Dhara sends him away. She takes Raavi with her. Arushi argues with Malti. Malti cries. Raavi says I will talk in front of everyone, tell them why you were calling Arushi’s mum. Dhara cries.

Raavi asks her to tell the truth about Malti. Gautam asks Raavi to mind her tongue. Raavi says Dhara is a liar and will always be a liar. Suman asks why would Dhara do this. Raavi says ask her about Malti. Suman asks her to answer. Dhara cries and says it was Malti. Everyone is shocked.
Dhara says when its about my family, I can fight my mum, I will make Arushi and Malti Devi out of the city. Arushi says I will tell everyone that Malti is your mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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