Pandya Store 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Gautam bursts in anger

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Pandya Store 3rd July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi and Rishita doubting Dhara and checking her room. Suman asks did Dhara do anything or not. Gautam says don’t know. Dev says we will go out and find the kids. Gautam says we will sort things here first. Raavi goes to check the cupboard. Rishita says Dhara won’t lock the kids in the cupboard, listen to me, Raavi. Raavi checks Rishita’s room also. Raavi says you can also do this, you take everything, you and Dhara just worry for Natasha. They argue. Dhara scolds them. She says I did this because I don’t want the house division to happen, stop this drama now. Rishita says divide the house. Dhara says the kids want to be together, think about them. Prerna says let it happen. Gautam scolds them and asks how did this matter come out. He says we were staying happy together, listen to me, unity is strength. Suman says no, its too late. The kids worry. Chiku says Dhara promised she won’t let the division happen. Shesh says we will stay together. Suman says relations once broken don’t join. Gautam and Dhara say we won’t let this happen. Suman says when ladies fight and husbands don’t support, then family stays fine, but when the husbands stand silent, then no one can stop that family from breaking, its not my family now, they are separate families. Dhara says my family is with you all. Suman asks the kids to come out.

The kids come down and go to their parents. Suman says let them stay separated, they will have love, else they will fight like animals, house has no value, family is valuable. Chiku says if everyone goes, then this time I will also go with Shweta Maa. He asks Shweta to take him. Dhara cries. Mittu says we all want to stay together. Shesh says please don’t separate us. Dhara asks Dev not to go. Dev says I have to do this for kids, we fight every day, will we give this upbringing to kids, sorry. Dhara asks Shiva not to go. She says you are my fav, you always listen to me, don’t go, will you leave me and go, can’t you see my pain, Chiku and I will be left alone, you won’t go, right. Shiva says 7 years, Mittu and Raavi have struggled, I can’t give them those days again, I have to be with them, I can’t leave them alone, mum is saying right. Dhara cries and scolds them. She asks Krish why does he want a division. Krish says my baby will have a good life abroad, Prerna has a right to decide the upbringing, she wants to do it in Canada, not here. Dhara begs them not to go.

They all go to their rooms. Dhara says sorry, I couldn’t fulfil my promise. She cries. The kids cry. Gautam says this is happening wrong. He shouts on them and asks them to come out of the rooms. He asks why did you hide the face, come out, you will get a share, tell me what do you want, where to draw the line, come out. Dhara stops him. He says I got to senses now. He asks everyone to come. Shiva says its happening wrong. Dev says we are doing wrong, Rishita, we have no right to give this sorrow to Gautam. Rishita asks him to think of Natasha. Shiva asks Raavi to handle Mittu. Dev, Shiva and Krish run out of the rooms. Dhara says its not the time to talk, calm down, we will talk later. Gautam asks them to come out. He sees them. He says this house will get divided today.

Rishita says I want the division for my daughter’s sake. Chiku leaves with Shweta. Dhara cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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