Pandya Store 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Pandyas face a tiger

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Pandya Store 3rd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the family worrying for the kids. Suman asks them to save the kids. Rishita says do something, my Shesh is outside. Everyone worries. They all look out of the window. Rishita says tiger is inside, I want my Shesh, do something. Shiva says I will break the door. Gautam says no, our lives will get into danger. Shiva sees the tiger. Raavi says I will get my Mittu. Krish says don’t rush. Rishita says our kids are outside. Gautam asks her to calm down. The kids hide and worry. Shesh runs to the other side. Everyone looks on. Suman says break the door, go out and save the kids. Prerna worries. Mittu says I want to go to mummy. Chiku asks him to go to hide in the dining area. Mittu shouts mummy. Chiku says tiger will eat us if he comes here, I will come with you, come.

Rishita says it was your and Prerna’s plan to gather everyone here, I lost Chutki because of you, I can’t lose another child. Dhara asks her to calm down. Rishita cries and says I want my Shesh. Aman says we have done what we had to. Shweta asks how can you replace the artist without informing us. He asks her to check the clauses in the contract. He shows the video. She says I will see how you will do. He says don’t tire yourself, get your full payment after 90 days, your daughter is talented, don’t show tantrums next time, else she won’t get work because of you. Chutki asks why are we going back, isn’t there any shoot today. Shweta says no, because you aren’t well. Chiku asks Mittu to keep hiding. Mittu says I want to go to mummy. Dhara looks outside. He says I will go and get the kids. Krish says I will come with you. Shiva says I will also come. She says no, Raavi you keep him. Gautam says I will come with you. Shiva stops him. Dhara and Krish go out. Rishita says I can’t leave Shesh. They see the tiger and shut the window.

Krish takes Shesh with him and hides. Dhara sees Chiku and signs him to be quiet, she will come. She asks Krish to take Shesh upstairs, she will get Chiku. The tiger roars. They both run upstairs. Shiva goes and gets Mittu. He asks Mittu not to make any sound. He takes Mittu. Dhara and Krish shut the door. Krish hugs Shesh.

Dhara tears her sarees and makes some firetorches. She says tiger won’t attack us with this, swear on me, get inside, lock the door, I will get both the kids. Krish says I can’t leave Dhara alone and Shesh also. She goes.

Shiva reaches Chiku and asks him to run to the room. He also runs to the room. Rishita and Raavi call out Shesh and Mittu. Dhara says Chiku and Mittu are safe, Shesh is with Krish. Rishita asks how is he safe when he is with Krish, I lost Chutki because of Krish. She cries. She scolds Dhara. Suman says stop it, did they call the tiger home. Dhara gets shocked seeing the tiger. Rishita says we won’t know when things get spoiled. Raavi says I just want my Mittu. They look outside and get scared. Suman says call the forest dept, they will come and catch the tiger. Suman asks Gautam to let it be, they will call. Rishita, Prerna and Raavi try to call.

They see Dhara going to scare the tiger and make him leave the house. Prerna also makes a firetorch to join Dhara. Gautam, Rishita and Raavi also go out. Krish asks Shesh to promise, he won’t go anywhere. He says I can’t leave Dhara alone. He goes out. The neighbors see the Pandyas facing the tiger. Dhara sees Prerna joining her.

Raavi says find a stick, we have to do the same. They also make firetorches in the same way and join Dhara. Gautam, Krish and Dev also join. The forest dept people come and inject the tiger by shooting. The tiger falls down. The man says don’t worry, tiger has fallen unconscious, we will leave him in the forest. They all sigh relief. Suman sees them and thinks I m very happy, my family has united like before after 7 years.

Suman says Krish and Prerna’s engagement is happening. Dhara goes to give the good news to Rishita. Rishita says we will go today for Shesh’s admission. Dhara asks Raavi to stay back. Raavi says I can’t, don’t force me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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