Pandya Store 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish meets Natasha

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Pandya Store 31st July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hetal and Pranali asking Natasha to return the bracelet. Natasha says its mine, I will not give it. They insist. They see Amrish and go. Chirag and Dolly also dance on the stage. They exchange the rings. Amrish smiles. Chirag thinks of the ring. Dolly says make me wear the ring. He looks at Maa. Maa stares at Pranali. He asks Dhawal about the ring. Dhawal worries. He sees a girl dancing. He kisses her hand and takes her ring. He gives it to Chirag. Dolly and everyone smile. The media asks Amrish about keeping the engagement in the college fest. Reporter asks did you sponsor this fest. He says yes. Natasha looks on and goes.

Chirag takes Dolly with him and says we will have fun in the banquet hall. Dhawal sees Natasha. She makes a bill. He says nice dance, meet my brother, then you are a free bird. She says come, I also want to meet him. The man says sorry, function can’t happen here because of short circuit, your money will get refunded. Bhaven says yes, we will take it. Amrish says its not about money, our party got spoiled. He asks Dolly not to cry, and smile. He says we will give a lavish wedding party. Chirag asks Dolly to smile. They go. Dhawal stops Amrish and says I did your work. He shows Natasha. Maa says she has to return my bracelet now. Amrish thanks Natasha for coming, I wanted to meet you. She says you gave statement in the media that you sponsored the college fest, here is the bill, 360000rs. Maa coughs.

Natasha says your brother’s engagement happened on our stage, so music, sound and lighting, everything is included. Suman says she went on Rishita, she will take the money. Dhawal and his family get angry on Natasha. Amrish says quiet Dhawal. Bhaven says our guests reached there by mistake. Amrish says I know where to spend money, not here, sit in the car. Maa smiles and asks maid to give the chocolate. She eats it. Maa asks Natasha to end the drama. She taunts Natasha that she will ruin her Sasural. Natasha argues. Dhawal defends his Maa. She says don’t get my Dadi between. They argue. Amrish looks on. Suman smiles. He asks Maa to calm down and sit in the car. Maa says I will sit, take the bracelet from her. Natasha runs after Maa and stops her. She asks them to clear the amount first. Amrish tells his name and asks her to ask her college trustee. Dhawal says entire Somnath knows Amrish. Natasha says I didn’t hear about him. Dhawal taunts. Shesh and Mittu ask Dhawal to maintain distance. Maa says give me my bracelet. Hetal stops Maa. Maa says fight is going on here. Suman says this bracelet belongs to Natasha, not you.

Suman says go and ask anyone about Pandyas, people swear on our family, our Pandya store is famous in entire Somnath.

Natasha gets the papers. Harish calls her and asks her to sign the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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