Pandya Store 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara learns the truth

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Pandya Store 30th November 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita getting another form. She asks Gautam to sign. Suman says I will not talk to you entire life if you do this, I will never see your face. Gautam says forgive me, I have to do this to save Dhara. He cries and signs the form. Everyone cries. Gautam says forgive me Dhara, I have no other way. Later, Gautam comes to see Dhara. He says when you wake up, how will I meet your eyes, how will I say that everything is over. Kamini asks Kalyani to call Rishita and ask about Dhara. Kalyani calls Rishita and asks how is Dhara. Rishita says we couldn’t save the baby. She cries.

Kalyani says calm down, nothing is in our hands, its Lord’s wish. Kamini asks what happened. Kalyani says Rishita was much upset, doctors couldn’t save Dhara’s baby. Kamini says great, you don’t let Rishita forget the favor, we will do many favors on her. Dhara gets up. She checks the files. She gets angry and throws things. She shouts no, I want my baby. She faints down. Raavi imagines this. She shouts. Shiva asks what happened. She hugs him and says I m scared, what will Dhara go through when she knows the truth. He asks her to calm down. Dhara gets conscious. Gautam hugs her. She asks what happened to me, is our baby fine, why are you crying. She asks him again. She holds her tummy.

He starts crying. She checks the files. She gets shocked. He says forgive me, I couldn’t…. our baby…. She gets up. She says I want to go home, what’s the use to stay here. He says we will go later. She says when they couldn’t keep my baby here, what will they keep me. Dhara comes out. Everyone cries. Rishita and Raavi hug her. They all hug. Shiva says we are your children, you are our mum. Gautam cries. She says your real mum is waiting at home, I want to go home. She leaves. Gautam says she is reacting like nothing happened. Suman is at home. She cries and says Dhara would be in shock, how will I handle her. She hides the baby toys quickly. Dhara comes home. Suman looks at her.

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Dhara scolds Gautam for killing her baby. Gautam cries. Everyone worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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