Pandya Store 30th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Shivank gets caught

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Pandya Store 30th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam saying I will go and see Dhara. They hear the band sound and think who has come. Krish comes dancing. Shivank ties up Shweta. Dhara comes and beats Shivank. He pushes her. She asks him to leave Shweta. He asks Shweta to sit on the bike, else he will drag her. Dhara runs after him. The kids enjoy and dance with Krish. Shiva comes home. He sees Krish and kids dancing. He thinks did my family agree for my marriage, I knew it. Suman says I will go and see. Everyone goes out and sees Krish. Arushi shouts and asks her mum to open the door. Her mum says you are stubborn, listen to me. Arushi goes out of the window. She leaves. Her mum sees her and follows. Prerna hugs Krish. She asks what happened. He asks her to dance, it’s a happy day. She says listen to me. Krish asks Shiva to come. They dance.

Shiva says I m getting married. Suman asks the reason for joy. Dhara runs after Shivank. She throws fruits at him. Shweta says please save me. Dhara shouts to everyone and says catch Shivank. Dev and Shiva run after Shivank. Shweta and Shivank fall down the bike. Chiku cries and shouts Maa. Dhara stops and looks on. Raavi asks Shivank what are you doing, Shweta is pregnant. Krish says she is not pregnant, I found out the truth. Prerna stops Krish and cries. He asks what happened, did anyone say something. She says Shivank has behaved wrongly with me. Krish gets shocked.

He says I will kill this Shivank. Everyone runs to save Shweta. Shivank tries to flee. Suman apologizes to Prerna. Raavi says yes, we made a big mistake, we will teach a lesson to Shivank. Gautam, Krish, Shiva and Dev try to stop Shivank. Shweta falls near the stones. Everyone recalls Shweta’s crimes. Dhara comes in between and saves her. Everyone rushes to save Shweta and Dhara. Arushi runs on the road. Her mum asks her to stop. Arushi says I will go to Dhara’s house today. Her mum says I won’t let you go. Shivank sees everyone busy with Shweta and leaves. Dhara asks Gautam to catch Shivank. Shiva asks Gautam to sit, they will not leave Shivank. They leave on a bike. Krish says Shivank shouldn’t get saved. Raavi says he will get punished, don’t worry.

Dev and Krish take Shweta to the hospital. Dhara says we will catch Shivank. Rishita calls the police. Shiva stops Shivank and asks him to face him if he has courage. Doctor checks Shweta. He shifts her to ICU. Arushi hides from her mum. Suman is on the way. She gets shocked seeing Dhara’s mum. Dhara’s mum also sees Suman. Suman smiles. Dhara’s mum leaves. Suman says I know that woman, but I don’t remember. Shweta gets treated. Shiva makes Shivank fall down the bike. Pandyas come there and catch Shivank.

Raavi scolds Shivank. They all beat up Shivank.

Update Credit to: Amena

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