Pandya Store 30th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara cheers up the family

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Pandya Store 30th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam saying Chiku will always be yours. Dhara says yes. Prerna says Rishita and Raavi are asking for her children’s rights. Krish says we can do this for Natasha. Prerna says yes, but a mother worries for her child, I also thought of my child at the time of alien incident, Rishita and Raavi are right, all the kids should get equal rights. Krish taunts her and goes. Chiku says elders weren’t fighting. Natasha says yes. Shesh says we heard them fighting. Mittu says they will get horns by morning. Krish hears them and smiles. Shesh says they can beat us with the horns, think of something. Natasha gets restless and wakes up. Dev says Natasha is playing with kids. He says you are doing right for Chutki, but Raavi isn’t wrong. Dhara sees the kids and thinks to tease them. The kids go and check if the elders got horns on their heads.

They don’t see Dhara in her place. Dhara makes Shiva wear the horns. The kids check Dev and Rishita. Dhara asks the kids not to make noise. She says I just saw Shiva getting horns on his head. Chiku asks really. She says yes, I got scared. She takes them to Shiva. They see Shiva with the horns on his head. They get shocked. Chiku stops Mittu. Shiva wakes up and asks what are you doing here. The kids scream and run to Dhara. Shiva says I will not leave you. She says he looks scary. Shesh says don’t fight much, see you got horns. Mittu says I will never fight, else I will get horns. Dhara runs. The soap water falls. They all fall. They play and laugh. Shiva says I will help Dhara. He also falls. Raavi, Rishita and Dev come and fall on the floor. Everyone comes and says it’s the last time scene. Gautam says we will come. Everyone falls and sits laughing. Suman smiles. Krish asks Shiva why did you become unicorn. Shiva removes the horns. They all laugh. Dhara smiles. yaadon ki baraat….plays…

Prerna comes. They worry for her. Prerna slips. Raavi holds her. She asks are you fine. Prerna nods. Krish hugs her. Rishita and Raavi start arguing. Raavi says Rishita has put the detergent in the water. Rishita recalls. She says you should have done the work if I was busy. Raavi says I was working in the kitchen. Rishita says I know you are worried because I asked share for Natasha. Suman says you started again. Shiva asks the kids to go inside. Rishita stops them and says kids should know what is happening here.

Raavi scolds her. Rishita says Raavi, you aren’t understanding. Suman asks Dev to explain Rishita. Raavi says its not about our kids. Rishita asks why are we arguing then. Dhara says stop fighting. Prerna asks them to make a will. Dhara and Suman scold her. Dhara asks Prerna not to say this again. She says Pandya family is one, everything belongs to everyone, it won’t be divided.

Dhara asks Rishita to stop it. Rishita says I m asking for the share for Natasha. Chiku leaves the house with Shweta. Dhara cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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