Pandya Store 2nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish and Prerna hide from Shweta

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Pandya Store 2nd March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish sending Prerna. Shweta comes and asks Natasha who are you calling aunty. Krish says she calls everyone the same. Shweta says its new fashion. Dhara serves the food and calls the kids. She adds the sleeping medicine in Shweta’s food. Everyone comes to dine. Shweta comes and says Krish gifted this necklace to me, how does it look. Dhara says poor Krish, I wish he gets strength. Shweta says yes, strength of my love. Krish comes. She says nobody likes your gift here. Dhara says Krish has a headache, he isn’t able to react. She says I had served the food for you, I thought you won’t sit between us and eat. Shweta says you are so good.

She asks Natasha to have food. Shweta asks Krish to give money, she has ordered Chinese and a surprise for him. Krish goes and pays money. Shweta refuses to have homemade food. She says I will have Chinese. The kids say Chinese… They also want to have Chinese. Dhara goes to dump the food. Shesh and Chiku ask for Chinese. Dhara gets an idea. She says I will get it for you, wait. Shweta eats the noodles. Dhara comes and asks Shweta to give some Chinese food for kids. Shweta jokes. Dhara says respect the kids. Shesh argues with Rishita. Shweta coughs and goes to get water. Dhara puts the medicine in Shweta’s plate. Shweta turns and sees her.

Shesh comes and takes Shweta’s plate. He runs. Dhara runs after him. Shweta asks what will I have now. She asks Natasha to share the food. Natasha refuses. Dhara changes the plate. She asks what’s this, don’t do this like you never had the food. Rishita asks what’s the difference between the plates. Dhara says there is much difference, you won’t understand. Dhara takes the food plate and says sorry, Shesh took it. Shweta says teach some manners to your kids. Dhara taunts her and goes.

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Shweta checks did Dhara mix something in this. She eats the noodles. Dhara comes to everyone. She says sorry to scold the kids, but does this look good, I will take water for Shweta. Raavi says you love her a lot. Dhara says yes, I have to do it, else how will I handle her. Shweta asks Dhara to clean the plate. She asks Krish to come to room. Krish coughs. Dhara asks him to go and have water. Krish thinks Prerna is hungry.

Dhara says go and put Natasha to sleep. Shweta says Natasha needs a separate room. Krish takes food for Prerna. Rishita says I will make her sleep in my room. Natasha refuses. Shweta says sorry, she has a habit to sleep alone. She asks Raavi where are you going. Raavi says I don’t want to stay if you are here. She calls out Mittu. Dhara says he is sleeping, let him sleep. Shweta says Natasha will sleep in Shiva’s room. Dhara sees Krish and worries. Prerna feels hungry. Krish says its me. He gets a lantern. Mann atak gaya hai….plays… He feeds her the food.

Dhara thinks Prerna and Krish are in that room. Rishita says Shesh always sleeps with me. Dhara says yes, Chiku always sleeps with me. Natasha says everyone used to sleep together in tv show, but I sleep alone, mumma taught me, I won’t share my room. Dhara thinks I have to do something. Prerna asks Krish about the necklace. He says its not expensive. She says I would have not left her if it was expensive. He says you should have met me before, my life would have been smooth. She says good things take time.

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Dhara shouts Shweta, don’t go to Raavi’s room. Krish and Prerna hear her. Dhara says see, Natasha got scared when I shouted, Shiva’s room isn’t clean, I will clean it and then you can go. Shweta says its okay, I will handle everything. She goes. Dhara says what shall I do. Rishita asks what happened, is there a problem. Dhara says no, wash the plates. She goes. Rishita says I will just wash my Natasha’s plate.

Krish and Shweta hide. Shweta comes and says room looks clean. She asks Natasha to sleep. She makes Natasha sleep. She says I will go and ruin Krish’s sleep. She gets a piece of roti there and says how did it come here, who had the food here. She looks down.

Dhara says I got Prerna home, how shall I save her from Shweta. Shweta says I have Natasha, the day I see Prerna here, I will break all the relations in this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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