Pandya Store 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Suman defends Dhara

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Pandya Store 2nd June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam saying I won’t talk to you until you tell the truth to mum. Dhara says I was going to tell her, but Krish came there, I m going to tell her now. She sees Shiva. She wipes her tears. Gautam says you just had dinner, you got hungry again. Shiva says yes, I was looking for my clothes. She asks him to see the handi once. Shiva asks did Dhara make the food, she can’t stay without cooking much food. She goes. Gautam also goes. Shiva sees his clothes and gets angry. He goes to ask Raavi. He takes her diary and goes. They argue.

Raavi says I don’t like anyone insulting you. He says just Rishita does this, she is also our family now, Dhara wants us to tolerate each other and learn to live, I have learnt to tolerate, you also learn, Rishita doesn’t know since childhood, but you know me, I m such kind, your fate is bad to get such a husband, what will happen if I wear good clothes, I will still do the same work, I like doing that work at the shop, not everyone can run the shop without doing this work, I chose this work for myself. Dhara sees Raavi sympathizing with Shiva. She thinks I wish your relation doesn’t catch any bad sight. Shiva says I m happy the way I m, you also stay happy. He goes to wash his clothes. Dhara goes to massage Suman’s feet. She tries to talk. Suman asks her to say. Dhara says the children refused to listen to me after coming here, I was tired telling them, but they didn’t listen to me, Krish and Shiva did a thing, Rishita got too scared, I had beaten them that time and decided to separate them. Shiva dries his clothes over the bed. She says you can dry the clothes outside. He says its night, the clothes will dry here, fan is on. They lie on the bed. The clothes fall over them. Galti se mistake….plays… They argue.

Raavi gets the milk. She sees Suman sleeping. Dhara thinks I had told the truth to Suman, but she didn’t hear anything. Gautam says I got much angry on Dhara, she wants my brothers’ betterment. Dhara comes back to the room. He looks at her. She says I told everything to mum. He asks what, did you tell the truth, what happened, why are you worried, mum has scolded you, right. Dhara says I don’t know if she heard me or not, she was sleeping. He asks how didn’t you see. She says she had fallen asleep. He asks how can you be so careless, you made me swear, I can’t talk to her, you aren’t telling her, you sleep now. They sleep. Gautam gets a nightmare. He shouts Dhara and gets up. Dhara worries.

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Anita gets decked up. Prafulla argues with her. Anita says you didn’t get new clothes for Suman and family. Prafulla scolds her. Anita says I have to go and make Suman ready. She goes. Dhara asks Suman what will she wear. She says I had told you everything, but you were asleep. Suman taunts her. Dhara says I will you now. Raavi and Rishita come there with tea. Gautam signs Dhara. He asks did you prepare for puja, pandit called us early, we have to go. Suman asks Dhara to go.

She asks the bahus to make the prasad together, they will be prosperous. Dhara thinks what to do now. She goes. Suman taunts Rishita. He asks her to stay away. Rishita says why do you always stay angry on me, Dev married me, you don’t get angry on him. Suman says I don’t want to answer. Rishita says its Dhara’s mistake. Suman says take her name with respect, she is also your Saas, she is my bahu, I will not hear a word against my Bahu, remember this. Gautam looks on.

Rishita tells Suman the truth of Dhara’s decision, Dhara has divided the kitchen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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