Pandya Store 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara hides the kids

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Pandya Store 2nd July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Chiku not to tell the plan to anyone. He asks her not to worry. He sneaks into Dev’s room and gets Shesh and Natasha out. Dev doesn’t see him. Chiku goes to Raavi’s room. Raavi wakes up. Chiku lies that he was going to washroom. Raavi and Shiva get back to sleep. Chiku says I couldn’t get Mittu. Natasha and Shesh go to get Mittu. Dhara empties the cupboard. She waits for the kids. Natasha and Shesh wake up Mittu and ask him to come out. They go out. Chiku asks Mittu to stay quiet.

Dhara sees the kids and smiles. She asks them to listen to her. She says just stay together. Mittu asks what’s division, is it food. Dhara says it won’t happen, go and sit in the cupboard, give me a hug first. She makes them write a letter and sign it. Gautam wakes up to drink water. Dhara hides the kids. Gautam asks Dhara what are you doing there. She says Chiku went to washroom, he was scared and asked me to stand here, you sleep. He sleeps. She hides the kids on the cupboard. She takes the letter. She keeps the letter and goes. Its morning, Rishita gets a board to get Natasha’s financial security. Dhara looks on. Suman asks what’s written on it. Dhara says Rishita is going on hunger strike until Natasha gets financial security. Raavi and Shiva come with a board. Raavi also goes on hunger strike. Prerna also gets a board with the same message. Krish says we will also stay hungry until our wives stay hungry. Dev and Shiva say yes. Suman, Gautam and Dhara look on.

Shweta gets a job. She says I will go and tell everyone. Dhara sees Gautam in the room. She asks Gautam to go and have breakfast. He asks what’s this suitcase. She says I will donate the old clothes. She sends him and shuts the door. She feeds the food to the kids. Rishita and everyone call out the kids. Dhara says don’t make noise, I will just go and come. She instructs them. She goes. Raavi asks where are the kids. Dhara says I m also finding Chiku. Natasha says she is a good actor. They sit back in the cupboard. Raavi says kids aren’t here. Prerna gets the letter. She reads it…. if you all divide the house, then we won’t come back home. They all worry. Dhara acts. Raavi says Mittu can’t do this, its someone’s plan. She says Chiku had come to my room at night, he took the kids. Dhara says don’t get after Chiku always, is he the kids’ leader. Raavi says you have done all this, you don’t want the division to happen, I have to check your room.

Rishita says I want the division for my daughter’s sake. Chiku leaves with Shweta. Dhara cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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