Pandya Store 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta confesses her evil deeds

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Pandya Store 2nd December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara asking them to handle Suman, she is going. Rishita says go from my room window. Dhara runs. Suman, Shiva, Jankana and Hari come inside. They get shocked seeing the blood stains on the floor. Jankana asks what happened to Shweta. Jankana and Hari attend Shweta. Suman cries. She asks how did this happen, tell me, it’s a lie. Krish says its true. Gautam says Mata ji, your bahu’s body is sent for post-mortem, you came late. Suman asks how can you do this without asking us, where is Dhara. Gautam says we didn’t know you will come soon, how did you come. Suman says I flew and came, how does it matter, its my house, I can come back anytime. Rishita says we told him that you will come later, how did you come soon. Suman says train got derailed, its good we came back, take me to Dhara. Shiva says I want to meet Dhara. He sees Gautam’s fake beard coming out. Gautam asks why are you staring at me, look down else I will send you to jail. He catches Shiva and says don’t say a word, I will explain you in the car. He takes Shiva out. Dev says please forgive him, we will explain him. Gautam says take him. Dev and Krish take Shiva out.

Raavi prays that everything goes fine, Shweta’s truth comes out. Dev tells everything to Shiva. Shiva asks did you go mad, will you blame anyone to prove Dhara and Raavi right. Dev asks him to understand. Gautam says I called the lady constable, she will come. Constable says I m going, I can’t handle this. Gautam says okay, go, send the lady constable. Shweta gets conscious. Jankana hugs her. Dhara looks on from the window. Hari asks Shweta did you really kill Dhara. Shweta sees Suman. She says no, I didn’t kill Dhara, they all are trying to frame me. Suman slaps her. She says you have killed my children’s Yashoda. Dev says stop Shiva, it will get clear in some time. Gautam says get ready to go to jail. He shows the handcuffs. He says no need to plead to me, plead in the court. He puts the handcuffs. Shweta says I don’t want to go to jail. She asks Jankana to save her. Gautam asks her to come. He says you will get hanged, you are a murderer. Dhara looks on. Shweta says I didn’t do anything. Suman asks what happened to my Dhara. Rishita says we have to get peace for Dhara’s soul, her murderer should get punished, we will send Shweta to jail and get her hanged. Shweta says I m innocent, I didn’t do anything. Jankana says she didn’t do anything, leave her, maybe it happened by mistake. Suman asks how can someone kill by mistake, inspector take her, I will hang her right away. Shweta says trust me, I didn’t kill Dhara. Gautam says court will decide, come with me. Shweta shouts I didn’t kill her.

Shweta says if I had to kill Dhara, then I would have killed her in the hospital that day. Suman and Shiva get shocked. Dhara cries and says now the truth came out. Shweta says you want to hear the truth, so hear it, it would have been easier for me to kill Dhara in the hospital, but I didn’t kill her. Rishita asks what nonsense. Shweta says I m saying the truth, hospital’s doctor is my good friend, like I gave medicine to Raavi and make her reach hospital, I could have done the same to Dhara and got her killed by injected any medicine, Dhara would have died, I didn’t do that, my motive wasn’t to kill her but to get her ousted from this house, to shatter this entire family, I succeeded in my motive. Krish says you are lying, how do you know, how do you know where did Dhara go, Dhara and Raavi didn’t know about Raavi’s pregnancy, you got the pregnancy kit after they left the house, you don’t make stories to save yourself, say the truth.

Shweta says I knew Raavi isn’t pregnant, I got the pregnancy kit for her but didn’t give her, I wanted Dhara and Raavi to go to hospital, it happened according to my plan. Rishita says you think you will fool us, we know your motive, to get money, your parents gave money to Chiku, Dhara has the custodianship, we didn’t think you will kill Dhara. Shweta says I couldn’t kill Dhara. Krish says I have heard you talking to your friend that you can do anything to get the money. Shweta says yes, but I can’t kill anyone, I made Raavi’s fake reports of fetus removal instead fibroid. Everyone is shocked. Shiva recalls Raavi and Dhara’s words. Shweta says Shiva and Raavi got away forever because of one fake report. Shiva and Suman cry. Shweta says my plan was solid, I got cctv footage deleted from the hospital, if I killed someone, then you all could have not caught me, am I a fool to stand with a knife in front of a dead body. Dhara thinks we had to play a big game to make you confess the crime. Shweta says you all could have not caught me if I killed someone. Rishita smiles. Shweta looks at everyone.

Shiva calls the police. Shweta breaks his phone. She scolds the family. She says Krish married me to give Chiku to Dhara. He says yes, I don’t think I did anything wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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