Pandya Store 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara stays depressed

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Pandya Store 2nd December 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi asking Shiva to share his pain with her. Rishita sits sad. Dev comes. She says we are helpless, Dhara went to her room and we are scared to face her, she didn’t take food, we should make her smile. He says I don’t understand how we will do this. Shiva says we all three are responsible for this. Raavi asks what could you do in this. He cries and says you don’t know, but I know, Dhara and Gautam planned kids so late, why. She says she wasn’t having a kid before. Shiva says no, when Dhara and Gautam got married, we three were little kids, she didn’t plan a child to give love to us, she gave all the love and rights to us. Raavi cries. Shiva says tell me, can someone make a big sacrifice.

She asks how do you know all this, its their matter. He says Gautam and Dhara were talking in the lawn, Dev and I heard that, nobody knows this, we are crying now and feel helpless. She says Dhara made a big sacrifice. Shiva says I don’t know why I said this to you, no one knows this, promise me, you won’t tell anyone. She says I won’t tell anyone. Dev says we will make panipuri and pakodas for Dhara. Rishita says great idea, we will ask Raavi to make it. They go to the kitchen. Dev says we really need masala tea, I have a headache. Shiva says even I have a headache. Rishita says Raavi, make pakodas and tea, we will go to Dhara and have it with her, she may not smile, but at least cry. Raavi says yes. Dev says we will also help you. They all cook together.

Shiva cares for Raavi. Rishita doesn’t answer a call. She says nothing is imp than Dhara. Krish comes and says oh, single guys have no value here, can’t I have tea and snacks when I don’t have a wife, Bhabhis don’t love me. Dev says we are taking these pakodas in Dhara’s room, do you want to come. Krish says yes, I will also help. Gautam asks Dhara to just talk to him, fight him, beat him, but not stay silent. He sees someone at the window and shouts thief. Dev and Shiva say its us. They all come inside the room by the window. Gautam asks what’s all this. Raavi says pakodas. He says leave it. She says it will fall down. He asks why did you come here as thieves, I will open the door, come. Shiva asks Dhara and Gautam to have the pakodas.

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Dhara says I want to go out. Gautam sings wo rang bhi…. They all go after Dhara. Everyone tries to make Dhara smile. Suman wakes up. She says its 2am, who is playing antakshari at this time. Gautam thinks say something, don’t forget your five children when one child left. Dhara says I don’t want to eat, spare me. Suman says you are doing this to see her smile, she has no happiness in her heart, when her sorrow comes out, there will be a storm. Anita gets ready. She checks Gautam’s call. She calls Gautam. He takes the call. She asks what happened. He cries. She asks why are you crying. He says Anita, I didn’t feel so helpless before, I got broken down, so I had called you. She calms him down. He says Dhara didn’t cry till now, what shall I do that she gets fine, you should talk to her. She says I know, I m feeling very bad, I will do whatever it takes, call me whenever you need, stop crying. She smiles and sees his pic.

She dances and falls on the bed. She says I wish to come there and hug you, but I have to keep patience, very soon you will come to me. Rishita gets ready. Raavi cleans the house. She says we will make breakfast, Suman wants the food on time. Rishita says yes. They go to the kitchen. They see Dhara making the breakfast. Dhara asks them to go. They say your rest is imp. Dhara says I don’t want to rest, am I dying. Raavi says stop behaving like this, cry, shout, vent out your sorrow. Dhara recalls her baby.

Dhara scolds Gautam and calls him a murderer. Everyone looks on.

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