Pandya Store 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara gets attacked

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Pandya Store 29th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the thief entering the Pandya house. Rishita asks Dhara to go inside, when Shweta comes in, then do what we planned. Dhara asks is the dummy heavy. Krish says Dev and I will come and lift that dummy, you lie down there, simple. Dhara says we will bring Shweta’s truth out, Raavi and Shiva will unite. They join hands. Jankana asks Shweta to have food with them. Hari asks Shweta to go. Shweta says I will have food, else I have to sleep hungry. Hari says you have to melt your mum’s heart, she should feel hungry, then she will agree. He gives her some food in the tiffin. He asks her to go. Shweta thinks now mom will agree to sign the custodianship papers. Dhara enters the house. She gets shocked seeing a thief in the house. She says he has stolen my temple utensils. She runs to snatch the bag. He says I didn’t find anything costly, tell me, where do you keep the money.

Rishita says I will go and give this blood bottle to Dhara. Dev asks her to wait, Shweta might come. It starts thundering. Dhara fights with the thief. He pushes her. She falls down. He runs downstairs. She follows him. She stops him. He asks her to leave him. He shows the knife. She gets scared. She says I don’t know about the jewellery. He says you are lying to me. He stabs her. She screams. Rishita worries. Krish says Shweta didn’t go inside, why did Dhara scream. The thief runs away. Dhara falls down. Gautam comes. Rishita says maybe Dhara screamed seeing a rat, it happens. Thief sees them standing outside the door. He thinks to distract them and stop them from entering the house. He argues with them. They angrily beat him up. Rishita sees Shweta coming. They all hide. Shweta enters the house. Shweta sees Dhara and screams.

Rishita asks Dev and Krish to leave that guy. Shweta removes the knife from Dhara’s tummy. She tries to switch on the lights. Other thief comes and asks the guy to come, their work is done. Krish asks who were they, what’s their work. Rishita says leave it, Dhara got caught. Gautam says no, lights didn’t get on till now, plan is on. Shweta switches on the lights. She falls down seeing Dhara. She says how did Dhara come here, who killed her.

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Dev says our plan flopped. Krish says we will go and see what happened. Rishita goes in. She sees Shweta with Dhara. She shouts Bhabhi… Everyone hears her. She asks Dhara to get up. She says you killed Dhara. Shweta is shocked. Rishita asks Dhara to get up. She thinks Dhara isn’t moving, did Shweta really kill Dhara. She worries and checks Dhara’s pulse.

Shweta says mom, Dhara is no more, they are blaming me, save me. Rishita says her parents shouldn’t come, what shall we do now. Suman and Shiva come home. Jankana says Shweta called and informed that Dhara got murdered. Suman is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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