Pandya Store 28th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev and Rishita leave the house

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Pandya Store 28th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Natasha to go with Rishita. Natasha cries and refuses to go. Shesh says she isn’t keeping her daughter, she won’t keep you, you take care of me, Chiku. Chiku agrees. Rishita hugs Natasha. Dhara thinks why am I getting anger, I won’t let my family break. Shesh and Chiku joke on elders. Raavi misses Shiva and Mittu. The man gives the bill to Shiva. He says we have a shop and hotel also. Shiva gets Prafulla’s bill and asks why shall I pay for it. The man says ask her to pay the dues. He pushes Shiva and takes the money from the store. Shiva says Prafulla won’t change. Dev gets the bags. Dhara cries. He says last time I left in anger but this time I m helpless, don’t misunderstand me, it will be right for us to leave at this time. She says you are going, don’t go, please. She cries. Dev and Rishita take Suman’s blessings. Suman leaves. Natasha hugs Dhara and says I won’t go. Shweta asks did anyone come to get me bailed out. Constable scolds her.

Shweta waits for Shivank. Shivank is taking an electricity line to watch the cricket match. Shiva comes and knocks the door. He gets angry and shouts on Prafulla. He sees Shivank stealing the electricity. He calls him out and asks what are you doing here. He throws tomatoes at Shivank. Shivank says I didn’t do anything, Dhara asked me to take the electricity line. He runs away. Rishita says you have to go with me. Dhara hugs Dev and says don’t go, how will I live without you all, my kids, I can’t tolerate this pain. Dev says don’t make it hard for us to leave, take care of Gautam and yourself, I didn’t tell this to Gautam. Suman calls him a coward. She says go and meet Gautam’s eyes, tell him you are leaving. Dev says I know I have hurt you, you may forgive me for this. Dev cries and leaves. Shivank runs to home. Shiva catches him and says I will punch your face. Shivank says I m Prafulla’s son, Shivank, I m your brother. Raavi worries and thinks what will happen now. Shiva asks him to call his mother out. Shivank says forgive me, I will pay all the bill. Shiva says give me cash, that man took the cash from the store. Shivank lies to him. He runs away. Shiva runs after him.

Suman hugs the kids. They say we will miss you a lot. Mittu says we forgot to take one thing. He takes marbles box to play there. Chiku hugs Dhara and leaves. Rishita asks Natasha to come with her. Shivank goes to the police station and meets Shweta. She asks when are you getting me out of here. He says you are blamed for stealing a child, its not a small blame, it will cost a lot of money. She asks how will money come, oh yes, Krish has become rich, go and tell him, he will give money. He says he won’t give money. She tells her plan. Suman says you failed once again in keeping the family united, you know Rishita, why did you get angry and ask her to leave, I fell alone because of you. Dhara asks what about me, did you think of me, Chiku left me. Suman says truth came out, you just regret his leaving, you will get Chiku back, what about me, I m alone, stay happy now.

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Suman asks Dev not to leave. Dev, Rishita leave. Rishita gets a call from the doctor. The doctor says your daughter for a donor. She asks who is it. Dhara gets a call. Doctor says the donor can’t donate the kidney to Natasha for medical reasons, Natasha’s life is in danger. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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