Pandya Store 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Chiku and Shesh fight for Mittu

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Pandya Store 28th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta trying for a job. Chiku comes and asks where are you going. Shweta says I have to go once I get a job, its your house, I can’t stay here. He asks her to stay back with him. Dhara looks on. She thinks how to explain him. Krish says problems are coming one after another. Gautam says Lord wants us to stay together, he gives us problems so that we stay united. He recalls Darshan’s words. He thinks of the land property. He says I m thinking that we forget our main motive by getting stuck in life’s problems. Krish asks what. Gautam says our motive to make Pandya store a supermarket and open it in every city, dad’s dream, are we ready to fulfil it. Shiva says yes, we will go. Gautam says yes, we have kids now.

The kids bully Mittu and tear his books. Mittu cries. Dhara cooks the food. Gautam comes home. He likes the food. She says I m worried about Chiku, he isn’t accepting me as his mum. He motivates her and says you are his mum. She says I can’t lose. They hug. Rishita comes. She says I have to talk something imp. Gautam asks what is it. Rishita says I m in tension. He says Chutki will recover soon. She says if anything happens to me, then who will take care of Chutki. Gautam says we are there for her, don’t you trust me. She says we aren’t blessed to be immortal, if Natasha stays sick, then who will take care of her. Dhara says her brothers are there. Rishita says I always think of myself wife, Natasha won’t be taken care of by her brothers’ wives, we have to think of her, I don’t want her to depend on her brothers, we should keep something on her name for her safety. Raavi comes and asks what happened.

Dhara says nothing. Raavi asks why did you get quiet. Gautam says its nothing. She asks them to say it. Chiku asks Mittu why are you crying. Mittu complains about the classmates. Shesh comes and asks why is Mittu crying. Chiku says he is getting bullied. He asks Mittu who was it. They go with Mittu. Raavi says I want to know what was Rishita talking. Shiva asks her to get tiffin. He says I will get it at the shop. Chiku and Shesh scold the boys and ask them to say sorry to Mittu. The fight the boys. Teacher comes. The boys complain about Chiku. Chiku says we didn’t do anything, the boys have torn my brother’s book, look here, they eat Mittu’s tiffin every day. Mittu says yes, they trouble me every day. Chiku says we were giving them punishment. Teacher says you aren’t principal, you should come to teacher and tell her, come with me to principal’s office. The kids say sorry. He says no sorry, come with me. Suman talks to the lady. Raavi gets a call from school. She says my son can’t fight with anyone. Teacher asks her to come to school. Raavi rushes. Dhara and Rishita also go. Shiva asks what happened, tell me. Mittu says thanks Chiku, you taught them a lesson. Chiku says I won’t let anyone trouble you. Shesh says we will train you to handle them. Mittu says no, mummy says fighting is bad. Shesh says fine, its our duty to protect you. The family members come. Raavi asks Mittu why did you fight. Mittu says I didn’t fight, Chiku and Shesh fought for me. Shesh says they have torn Mittu’s book, Mittu was crying, so we helped him. Shiva says you are my son, you fight them yourself. Chiku and Shesh thank him and hug. Mittu says I didn’t do anything. Shiva says you should have beaten them. Teacher looks on. Mittu says mummy says fighting is bad. Teacher asks Shiva what is he teaching. Shiva says I m teaching him self defence. Dhara asks Shiva to calm down.

She says Chiku, you have done the same thing again. Chiku asks will I see if anyone troubles my brother. He argues with her. He says Shweta will teach me everything.

Rishita asks Dhara for the house division. Dhara hugs Chiku. He leaves with Shweta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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