Pandya Store 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Suman likes Dhawal

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Pandya Store 28th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Natasha saying you are okay. Dhawal looks at Suman. Suman smiles seeing him. Maa asks where is the engagement ring. Pranali says Chirag and Dhawal will get it. Maa says you did your work, but no one will say the plate is decorated well and it doesn’t matter if the ring isn’t there. She praises Pranali’s looks. She asks Pranali to give her engagement ring. Dhawal says is that your Dadi, nice shoes. Chirag says we will find the ring first. Pranali refuses. Maa says you sacrifice the ring. Hetal shows the set for Dolly. Maa says keep this in the plate. Pranali says Amrish got a costly diamond set. She argues. Maa says Dolly’s dad is a big businessman, so he got diamond set for you, your dad is a clerk in our office, so just ring and pendant. Pranali gets angry.

Maa asks the Bahus to get the fruits tray. Hetal and Pranali go. Maa taunts on Pranali. Dhawal doesn’t leave Natasha’s hand. Her bracelet falls in the necklace box. Dhawal holds her in arms and saves her from falling. Suman smiles seeing them and dreams of their love jodi. Shesh says I will see him. Suman says he will beat you, don’t touch him, he is so handsome. Chirag stops Dhawal. Natasha goes and hugs Suman. She says don’t joke like that again.

Suman asks who is this guy, do you like him. Natasha says no, he has to pay me for the loss, he forced me to meet her brother. Shesh asks Suman to fix their engagement. Natasha gets angry. Chirag asks Dhawal to give the ring. Dhawal says I don’t have the ring, I can’t let that girl go, Amrish will scold me. Chirag says you don’t care for my engagement. Dhawal says I booked this hall beside my college to manage fest and engagement. Amrish signs a deal with Bansi and says welcome to family. Bansi says this money is investment in your new mall. Amrish says you have the contract, you will get 30% profit for 30% investment. Bansi says yes. He tells this to Dolly. He says you are lucky to go to Amrish’s house. Dolly turns and smiles.

Dolly says I m busy, its my engagement today, I have to go live. Amrish says Dolly is right, sign and lock this contract. Bansi signs. Amrish says congrats. Dolly says we have to make an entry. Bansi goes to her. Natasha says I came here for my money. She scolds Shesh. Suman says I want to meet Dhawal. Natasha says I don’t like him, he is a misogynist. Natasha takes Suman. Suman says I won’t go. The lamp falls down. Suman looks around and says we should leave fast. Dhawal says let me go. Chirag says no, don’t ruin my life.

Dhawal sees Natasha gone. He says I told you, Natasha can leave. Maa sees the bracelet. She says he gave this also, I will keep this, fine, I will give this also. Dolly makes a bridal entry. Chirag smiles seeing her. She asks where is everyone, nobody is cheering for my entry, my engagement got ruined. Bansi goes to Amrish. Amrish is on call. He sees the broken lamp. Amrish asks where is Natasha. Dhawal says I got her, she would be here, wait for 10mins. Amrish says no, get her fast, just Pandya store isn’t in my control, I want it, get Natasha. Dhawal says I will sort it out.

Mittu says how will we find the bracelet. He sees it in the necklace box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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