Pandya Store 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Suman loves her grandsons

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Pandya Store 28th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita blaming Chiku. Dev says you know Shesh’s mischief. Chiku says I stopped them, they didn’t listen to me and came in Dadi’s room. Suman says don’t call me Dadi. He asks so shall I call you Suman or Dada ji. Gautam says fine, call her Dadi, tell us how did the tv break. Chiku says I didn’t do it, I asked them not to play here. Shweta says don’t hug me in front of everyone, sit there. The man says excellent shot. Chutki says now, I want to break another tv. Shweta says arrange it if Natasha wants. The man says but budget. She scolds him. Suman says you might have got them here. Chiku says no, I asked them not to come, trust me, Dadi. Dadi says don’t call me Dadi, I m their grandmum, no yours. Chiku says fine, you are not related to me, I will call you Koi nahi, I didn’t break the tv, Mittu had the marbles in his hand. Raavi says don’t lie, my son is innocent. Dhara says don’t scold Chiku. Raavi says he is lying. Mittu says Chiku isn’t lying, Shesh did all this. Shweta and Natasha throw tantrums on the sets. The man says tv has come, you may break it now. Shweta says all the best. Natasha goes. Chiku says I told you, I didn’t break the tv, you punish me always, now punish them. Kids get scared. Suman acts unwell. She sees their scared faces and laughs. She calls Mittu and says come, I will not beat, I will give a chocolate.

Chiku says Suman will first laugh and then beat you. Suman asks Raavi and Rishita didn’t they teach manners to kids. Shiva says we meet you everyday, right Mittu. Suman hugs them happily. Everyone smiles. Natasha says the lines wrong. Director explains her. She says I m tired, I can’t do it. He says we have to pack up, girl can’t give the shot, call her mum, she will explain her.

Suman says I was longing to see this mischief, break anything you want, just keep hugging me. Chiku gets surprised. He says magic, you aren’t angry on them, you get angry on me, it means you won’t get angry on me from now. She says you can’t do mischief, because you aren’t my grandson, they are my grandsons, so they can. Chiku defends himself and asks how can’t I be your grandson. Shweta sees Krish’s video and says how did he get so rich, who is this girl with him. Suman says I feel unwell. Dhara signs Chiku. Raavi says Chiku wants this drama when Suman is unwell, did Dhara teach this to him. Shiva asks Raavi to talk with manners. Raavi says you both won’t let me forget anything. The man says director is calling you, Natasha isn’t working well. Shweta gets angry. She goes. Natasha argues with the man. Shweta comes. Natasha says take me home. Shweta says she is tired, we will go home. The man says enough, I will stop your payment for the shoot. Shweta asks what are you saying, try to understand, I m acting to convince Natasha. She asks Natasha to give the last shot, then they will go home. Natasha says no, I m tired. Shweta says I will take you to gaming zone. Natasha says you are a bad mumma. Shweta goes to explain her. Natasha refuses. Shweta thinks Rishita’s Chutki is really stubborn like her.

Suman says I can see the Yamraj, everyone come to me. She hugs her sons. She asks where is Krish. Jeevan ka yeh pahiya….plays… Dhara cries and thinks I will make Chiku a part of this family, very soon.

Krish gets his GF home. He introduces Prerna as his would be wife. Suman says I m not Krish’s mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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