Pandya Store 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita’s risky plan

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Pandya Store 27th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish saying I heard Shweta talking to Nitin today. He tells everything. Dhara says she would have told me if she wanted money, she ruined our relations. Rishita says we have to explain such people in their language, Dhara has to die. Everyone is shocked. Gautam asks are you mad, why will Dhara die. Rishita says just falsely, we can bring Shweta’s truth, we will show her a filmi scene. Dhara says I love you all a lot, don’t really kill me. Rishita says chill, don’t take tension, we have two problems in our plan, Shiva and his mum, she is our mum also, but she is on his side now. Dhara asks what’s the plan. Rishita says we have to send them from the house, then I will tell the plan. Raavi asks where will they go, who will convince Suman. Krish says Suman was saying she wants to go to Mahakaal. Rishita says superb, Shiva will go with her. Dhara asks how will I die. Rishita says you will be murdered. Dhara says there is no other way out. Gautam asks what’s the plan. Rishita tells the plan of Dhara’s fake murder, Shweta will get trapped, we will replace the dummy with Dhara. She asks do you like the plan, come then. They all join hands. Dhara worries.

Its morning, Rishita says you are going on tirat yatra. Suman says I don’t want to go. Shweta comes. Gautam says you said you want to go to Mahakaal, so I booked the tickets. Suman refuses. Rishita says you have to go. Shiva also refuses. Gautam and Krish scold Shiva. Gautam says I have booked the hotel also, you will go today. Shweta thinks all of them are of Dhara’s party, I m scared. Dhara asks Raavi where are you going. Raavi says office. Dhara says you aren’t fine totally, don’t go. Raavi says I think of Shiva all day, I want some distraction. Dhara says fine, I will make tiffin for you, Arnav is calling, talk to him. Raavi says I don’t want anyone’s sympathy, I can’t say that my husband ousted me. Shweta says I will go with Suman. Gautam and everyone say no. Gautam says no, you can’t go, Rishita is already on strike, who will handle the house, don’t worry, we will help you. Suman asks him not to call Dhara and Raavi back.

Dhara is in the market. She answers the ladies. Gautam says Raavi will not come back until someone convinces her to come. Shiva taunts. Gautam asks him to sit quiet. Rishita says we promise, Dhara won’t come here in your absence, we are sending you with a good heart, go there and pray that everything gets fine in our family. Suman cries and says yes, pack the bags, we will go and pray. Dhara argues with the ladies. Some thieves hear them. He says we will rob this woman’s house. They see Dhara. Dhara sees Arnav coming to Pandya house. Arnav thinks what to do, shall I go or not. She stops him and says Raavi doesn’t stay here. He asks where did she go, she isn’t taking my calls. Dhara thinks if Shiva sees Arnav, then he will beat him, our plan will get cancelled. She asks him to come with her. Shiva gets angry on Krish. He goes out and sees Dhara and Arnav. Dhara asks Arnav to take her. Shiva looks on. Dhara goes with Arnav. Shiva says its better I go with mum, how can I trust them. He gets angry.

Rishita mixes some red colour. She checks and says now its fine. A dummy falls beside her. She screams. Dev comes. Shweta asks what happened to her, did she fall down. The red colour water spreads on the floor. Rishita scolds Dev. Dev says don’t shout, I told you I will get the mannequin. Rishita says I didn’t know you will come by window. Dev says I can’t show the props to Shweta. Shweta comes there. She asks did you get hurt. Rishita asks her to go. Shweta asks why are you getting shy, why is Dev hiding in blanket. Rishita says Dev was romancing, he came from the window and I got scared, so I screamed, you have seen him. Shweta says at least lock the door. Rishita says yes, next time, we will do. Rishita acts to fall down. Shweta is shocked to see the blood colour water on the floor.

Thief enters the house. Dhara sees the thief. He attacks him with a knife. Shweta comes and says who has hit Dhara. Dev says you are the killer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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