Pandya Store 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Prerna angers Suman

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Pandya Store 27th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita doesn’t seeing the doll house. She calls Dhara and asks why did you remove the doll house. Dhara says its in the cupboard, I have the keys. Rishita argues with her. Dhara says I m with Chiku, I can’t come. Rishita gets angry and hits the cupboard. She sits crying. Natasha wipes her tears. She says I will not trouble you, don’t cry. Rishita says everyone is thinking about their own kids, I don’t know what to do to make you happy. Dhara asks Chiku not to leave the temple. She takes him to the temple. Rishita asks Natasha to wait, she will just come. Dhara says I m scared to lose you. He says Shweta is my mum. She says I live for your sake. He says I have to go back to Shweta someday, if you loved me then you would have saved me, you left, Shweta and everyone came to save me. She says I went to get help, Arushi did wrong with Malti and me. He says I heard your mum saying, real mother comes to save her kids, Shweta did it for me. He runs away. Rishita tries to unlock the cupboard. She opens it and gets the doll house. Natasha smiles. Rishita says I know what to do for you, come. Dhara cries and prays for her relations. She runs after Chiku. She says don’t do this with me, I love you a lot, I can’t live without you.

He runs. She runs after him. She falls down. Suman asks Prerna to go with the lady and get the massage done. Prerna says I can’t go. Suman asks why, you have to take care of yourself and baby. The lady says don’t waste my time, I will come later. Prerna asks her to go. Suman says that lady is famous. Krish says its okay. Prerna says that lady was unhygienic, I can fall sick. Suman asks Krish to get nanny for Prerna or a tip top nurse. Prerna says I m not comfortable with it. Dhara brings Chiku home. Prerna argues with Suman.

Dhara asks Prerna to understand what Suman is saying. She says we are one family, you have to get habitual to us. Rishita comes and says you also need to understand this, family is growing up now. Natasha and Chiku go. Rishita says we have kids now and we have own families. Dhara asks are we relatives now. She asks don’t Suman and I have a right to say anything to Prerna. Rishita says you have started this, did you come to give doll house to Natasha, you were busy with Chiku. Suman asks her to stop it. She says we will always be united, what are you saying about doll house, when your daughter wanted a kidney, Dhara gave her organ, if Dhara refused, then what would you do. She says Prerna, you will get the massage tomorrow, you know our family, even then you married Krish, be ready tomorrow. Krish says come Prerna, have some rest. Krish and Prerna go to their room and argue. She says there is nothing happy here. He asks her to learn things from Dhara. Suman says there are many reasons to break relations, and one reason to keep the family together, if you don’t understand this, then you can’t keep Natasha and Shesh together. Dhara hugs Suman.

Rishita asks Dhara for the house division. Dhara hugs Chiku. He leaves with Shweta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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