Pandya Store 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiva is accused for land sale

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Pandya Store 27th June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara saying Raavi’s word was true, she believed that you will come back, we told her you won’t come, she stayed firm on her word, you are alive. She cries and hugs him. She says you are fine, why didn’t you come home, Suman, Raavi, me and Gautam, we all were so upset. Shiva says I was going for the land deal, I gave my seat to Kaka, he liked the anklet and wanted to click a pic. He clicks a pic and says I will send you to pic. He gets Raavi’s call and goes to answer. He falls down the bus before the bus falls down the cliff. He says a fisherman’s family saved my life, I told him to call Gautam, he kept trying, he wanted me to marry his daughter but I escaped, I came to Pandya store to meet you all, but… She says its all past now, I will give this good news to everyone, they will be happy to see you, they won’t believe me until they see you, I will tell Gautam. He says you can’t tell anyone, you remember what the policemen told. She says you heard him, so you came there as bangle seller, and ran away, you were sitting in the cupboard and hiding, right, tell me, why didn’t you tell us. He says I can’t risk you all, when I come home, you all will go jail. She says if anyone sees you there, family won’t tell the police. He says Krish will go out and tell, Raavi will distribute sweets happily. She says you don’t know Raavi’s condition, I can’t see her like this, she is much upset. He says let me arrange money, just few days more, then I will come back.

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She says it’s a matter of 10 lakhs, it won’t come in a few days. He says I didn’t think anything, don’t tell anyone. She asks how will you stay anywhere outside, come home and stay in my room, I will manage Gautam, come with me. He says I will stay in Prafulla’s house, its my Sasural, go home and take care of Raavi. She says there is just one way that I tell your truth to Raavi. He says you won’t do this, not even to Raavi. Dhara says I will tell everyone that our Shiva is alive. She happily cries. He says don’t put everyone in risk. She says I will go and take Raavi, she has a right to know. She goes.

He says don’t know what sin I did that I can’t come to you all when I m around. Dhara comes home happily and shouts to everyone. She gets sweets. Rishita says she looks really happy. Suman asks why did you get sweets. Gautam asks what are you doing. Dhara says just like that. Raavi says you look happy. Dhara thinks how to say that your belief has won, your Shiva has come back. Dhara asks them to have sweets. Suman refuses. Dhara feeds it to them. Dhara thinks to feed them sweets. Gautam asks what are you doing, we are sorrowful that Shiva left. Raavi says I think she is in shock. Suman says I will ward off her bad sight.

Suman wards off the bad sight. Dhara says this is prasad, I went to temple to pray for everyone, Somnath ji gives us peace, Shiva would also like us to move on. Rishita asks since when did you become so practical. Suman asks Gautam to show Dhara to a good doctor. Shiva sees the family pic and cries. He says its tough to stay away from you all, I wish to hug you, I will go and see the land matter. Dev gets some papers. He says Shiva has sold our land for 30 lakhs, it’s the sale deed. Gautam checks the papers. Dhara takes the papers. She say it’s a lie, its fraud, Shiva can’t do this, he won’t sign the deal without telling us. Rishita says Shiva isn’t here to prove this. Dev asks her to calm down. Dhara thinks to get Shiva in front of everyone to clear the blame. Gautam says this man is taking an advantage of Shiva’s death. Suman says it was not in our fate, forget it now. Dhara thinks to make Raavi meet Shiva. Shiva is in disguise. He reads the board, Jeevanlal has bought the land from Pandya family. He shouts to call Jeevanlal. He sees the police coming to meet Jeevanlal. He sees Jeevanlal. Jeevanlal says it’s a lie, Pandya family has sold the papers to me, I will show the papers. Shiva says he is lying. Jeevanlal says Shiva has sold me this land for 30 lakhs. Shiva says he made fake papers. Inspector says fine if you are saying the truth. He leaves.

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Dhara comes to Raavi. Raavi says Shiva can’t do this without telling us. Dhara says we know he didn’t do this. She thinks I can’t see her crying for Shiva, I have to tell her the truth. She smiles and says get ready, we will go for dinner. Raavi asks are you fine. Dhara says get ready fast, else you will regret a lot. Shiva comes home and recalls the land fraud. He says Jeevanlal reaped the benefit from my death, he said I sold him the lost and sent the registry copy to the family, everyone would be thinking I sold the land. He gets angry. He pours a bucket of water over his head. He says I will take the land back from Jeevanlal.

Raavi asks Shiva how will I go out. Prafulla sees Shiva and shouts. Suman and Dhara hear her shouting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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