Pandya Store 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara makes a plan

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Pandya Store 27th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Shesh can anyone trouble Rishita. Shesh says no one except me. Dhara says Rishita won’t be troubled. She asks Rishita to win Chutki’s heart. Chiku asks why did you make Chutki’s doll house in my room. Dhara says its our room and our house. Shesh asks why would Natasha stay here, is she our sister. Dhara says she is our sister. Natasha says no, they are bad boys, I won’t make them our brothers. Shesh says our sister can’t be so arrogant. Dhara says no fights, play with love, go. She says I will get juice for you. Natasha says no sugar please. Dhara says okay, no sugar. Dhara says you always complain that I take your right, its your responsibility to make the kids friendly. Dhara goes. Rishita asks the boys to get back. She says no one will trouble Chutki. Natasha says my name is Natasha, not Chutki, don’t call me Chutki. The boys call her Chutki. Rishita says stop it, don’t call her Chutki, go and play there. She says sorry, your name is Natasha, very cool name, everyone will call you Natasha, okay. Natasha says better.

Krish comes to meet Prerna. He says you know I love you, sorry. She says I love you too, I can’t afford to lose you, I m scared. They hug. Dhara comes and sees them. Prerna says Dhara is here. Krish gets away and turns. Prerna says oh, you are shy that you hugged me. Krish says Prerna is naughty. Dhara says I m glad to know, you know to love, to handle relations, I feel you are just like us.

Prerna requests her to save Krish from Shweta. Dhara says I have come to do its planning. Shesh jumps and wipes the line. Rishita says I know, play that side. She scolds the boys. Prerna hugs Dhara and says you are too good. Prerna says we have to do something to keep Chutki and make Shweta away. Krish says don’t ask Dhara to plan, she spoils things. Dhara says I have raised you three, I will slap you. Prerna says he is stupid, don’t come in his words, tell me what is the plan. Dhara says we have to keep Krish away from Shweta, we can’t give her any chance that she makes a relation with Krish legally. Prerna says right, how will we do this. Chiku says I have to go to washroom. He goes. Shesh runs to Natasha. Rishita stops them from going to doll house. She says they tired me in 10mins. Natasha says they shouldn’t come here. Rishita says yes, you play. Dhara says I have an idea, I feel we should make some sleeping pill in her food, she will sleep well and we will also sleep well. Prerna says right, but she would get to know, we have to find a permanent solution, how will she leave Krish, she loves him. Krish says no, she loves my money. Dhara says money.

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Gautam and Shiva arrange the things in the store. Gautam says I got peace today. Shiva says you find peace here, they ruined the store. Gautam says come, sit, people called me a drunkard, I feel I m not alone now, my brother is with me. Dhara hugs Krish. She says my child. Prerna smiles. Dhara pats his cheek and says you gave a good idea. Krish asks when did I give. Dhara says she loves money, not Krish, she won’t get money, Krish doesn’t have money. Prerna says no, he earns well, he has bank balance also. Dhara says we know that, Shweta doesn’t know, we will show Shweta that Krish is bankrupt, useless, he has no money, we have to prove this to Shweta, whatever Krish has, its on your parents’ name, he has nothing. Krish says I have to go home, else Shweta will create a mess. Dhara says Prerna, I will go now, we will plan it later, don’t worry. Prerna hugs Krish. Dhara says you won’t stay in this hotel now, you will stay with us in our house. Krish says you know Shweta. Dhara says I know where and how to keep, Prerna will stay there and Shweta won’t know, go and pack your bags. Krish says no. Dhara says I will slap you. Gautam says I m tired now, I can’t fight more, please don’t leave me alone, if you all go, then I will die. Shiva asks who will leave you, don’t worry, I will always be with you. Gautam says promise me. Shiva says I promise you, I will never go anywhere.

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Rishita feeds Natasha. Shweta comes and looks on. Rishita says say it again, please. Natasha says I love you mumma, and hugs her. Natasha says I love you Dadi, and hugs Suman. Natasha says I love you to everyone and hugs. Shweta worries. She says they aren’t your mom and dad. Natasha says lie, you had stolen me, you aren’t my mumma.

Dhara says I got Prerna home, how shall I save her from Shweta. Shweta says I have Natasha, the day I see Prerna here, I will break all the relations in this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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