Pandya Store 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita and Dhara fail to gather proof

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Pandya Store 26th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara calling Gautam and asking him to just go to Nitin’s address and catch him, he left the job, he is leaving the country. Gautam asks what. He asks Dev to come. Dev asks Krish to handle Chutki. Dev and Gautam leave. Shiva looks on. He thinks Gautam didn’t say anything in front of me. Krish says third relation will end when Dhara and Raavi are proved right. Shiva asks him to take care of Chutki. He argues with Krish. Jankana says I can’t decide in a rush, wait for some days. Shweta comes home and meets them. She gets the tiffin for them. She says I took tiffin for them, Dhara and Rishita have gone for furniture shopping with Chiku’s money, Gautam will return it later. Jankana asks what furniture. Shweta says they live in other house now. Jankana says Chiku is with Raavi, but she is sick. Shweta says yes, but they left Chiku with her. Jankana gets angry and asks how can Dhara be so careless. Dhara says we have to go to cctv footage room, do you have any idea. Rishita says you can tell them that I m mad for Nitin’s love. Dhara says right idea. Dhara signs her. Rishita acts mad and distracts everyone. Dhara goes to the cctv room.

Shweta says Dhara isn’t wrong, two women can’t manage without a man, she has to go to market to buy anything, I think Gautam will shift there soon. She asks what’s the custodianship papers doing here. Dhara asks the man for Dr. Desai’s accident footage, its urgent. The man asks why do you want. She says I m in admin, police has come outside, police wants to see, check it, its urgent. He asks for dates. She says tell me if you doubt anything. She thinks to get proof. They see no video on the screen. Gautam asks for Nitin’s house. Nitin says I have to leave fast. Gautam rings the bell. Shweta says don’t force mom to sign the papers, I know mom doesn’t trust me, have the food, I have made it. They like it. Jankana says you made it so well, I never imagined. Shweta says even I didn’t think so, I m trying to change, I hope you both get proud of me one day. Rishita waits for Dhara and worries. The man says sorry, the footage is missing, maybe its deleted. Dhara scolds him and asks him to check again.

She thinks someone deleted the footage. Rishita acts mad. She thinks they called the police, they can arrest me, I will be out of the house. Police comes. Dev says I will get them arrested. Nitin asks did they come here. He sees Gautam and Dev. He thinks who are they, did Dhara and Rishita send them, I have to run.

Rishita gets caught by police. Dhara comes. Rishita asks her to do something. Dhara says forgive her, leave her, I got her here to get her treated. Gautam says something is wrong, either he is inside or he left. They break the door. Nitin runs from the window. Dev sees him. Dhara and Rishita do a drama. Inspector says fine, its wrong to break things. He warns them. Dhara takes her. Gautam and Dev follow Nitin. Dhara says we got saved. Rishita says you made a story there, you trapped me. She says think of plan B, if we lose Nitin, then everything will go wrong, don’t know Gautam found him or not. Nitin flees in an auto. Dev and Gautam follow him on the bike. A man comes in front. Dev and Gautam fall down the bike. Nitin sees them. Dhara and Rishita see Gautam and Dev fallen on the road. They rush to help. Dhara asks did you catch Nitin. Dev says he has run away. Rishita asks how. Dev says he left, you would have got the footage. Dhara says no, Shweta is clever, she erased the footage. At home, Gautam says Shweta didn’t think before risking our relations. Rishita says we have to explain her in her way by killing someone. Dhara asks what do you mean. Rishita says you have to die. They all get shocked.

Rishita screams in her room. Shweta hears her. Dev asks Rishita to not shout. Shweta comes to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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