Pandya Store 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Chiku hates Dhara

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Pandya Store 26th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara singing the aarti. Chiku sees her and recalls that she didn’t save him. Suman comes and prays. She says forgive me, I have always taunted you. Dhara says I know the love hidden behind the taunts, a mum has all the right to say anything to a daughter, you are my mum, Saas, Sasur, everything for me, don’t leave me ever. She cries and says I love you Maa. Suman says I love you. Rishita comes and looks on. Dhara says I never tried to understand my mum, I always thought she isn’t a good mother, the truth is, I wasn’t deserving to become her daughter, she gave her life for me, I m very bad, I couldn’t become a good daughter. Suman says no, you aren’t bad, you have loved and took care of me so much, I know no one can fill a mum’s place, I m also your mum, I love you a lot, after mum dies, Maayka ends, don’t forget this is your Maayka and Sasural.

Dhara hugs her and cries. Rishita asks Chiku to go and get ready for school. He goes. Dhara says I will make him ready and come. Raavi asks Mittu to get ready for school. Shiva comes to help. He makes Mittu ready. They hear the news of a boy informing about the poisonous gas and saving lives. Shiva asks Mittu to fight back if anyone troubles him. Raavi thinks I keep him away from fights. Shweta talks on call about a job. Chiku comes and asks her to arrange her bag. She helps him. He smiles. Dhara comes and looks on. Natasha says I have to go to school, my fans are waiting. Rishita says wait for some days. Natasha says I want to go. Rishita says it’s a matter of few days. Natasha cries. Rishita makes Shesh ready. Mittu says but mum says… Raavi says make him ready quickly. She takes Mittu to have breakfast. Shiva asks why are you rushing. Dhara says you got ready, I was waiting for you. Chiku says don’t do anything for me, Shweta will do it. He refuses to go with Dhara. Dhara says its his picnic day. Shweta asks him to go. He refuses. Dhara says Shweta doesn’t know where to take you, I know, right. Shweta says yes, you go with Dhara, I promise, I will come to pick you in evening. Dhara thanks her. She asks Chiku to come. She says I m not that bad. Shiva says I will drop Shesh and Mittu. Raavi says yes, you can take care of Chutki. Rishita asks Shesh to go. Shesh runs out. Rishita looks on worried.

Dhara says we aren’t coming along. She asks Chiku to sit in rickshaw. She says Chiku is called for other activities, so I m taking him. Raavi says fine. Rishita thinks what to do, Natasha will get adamant for school. She checks the medicines. She says I will ask Gautam’s help, the medicines are expensive. Gautam comes and asks shall I get Natasha’s medicines, I m going to get Dhara’s medicines. She says I fell short of money. He says I m alive, I will bear the expenses of her medicines, tell Dev when he comes. Rishita thanks her. Shweta gets a soup and feeds Natasha. She asks Natasha to play a game. She says I know you all are in tension, I have gone through this, I had no money for her kidney transplant, I had no job, Natasha is so talented, she used to do acting and earned money, else I could have not managed. Gautam says I will handle everything, I promise, Natasha will not face any problem. He hugs Natasha.

Natasha says Rishita isn’t letting me go to school. Gautam says don’t worry, I promise, I will take you. He goes. Natasha asks when will Bade Papa take me to school. Rishita says he will take you, we will go to Dhara’s room and play with doll house. She gets sad. She cries. Natasha asks why are you crying. Rishita says nothing. Natasha hugs her. Rishita takes her to Dhara’s room. Chiku says this is a temple, how will picnic happen here. Dhara says this is the place. He says you lied to me, I don’t want to talk to you. He runs away.

Rishita and Raavi ask for property share. Dhara worries and asks Chiku to talk to her, its imp.

Update Credit to: Amena

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