Pandya Store 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara surprises Chutki

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Pandya Store 26th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chutki troubling the boys. The kids shout. Everyone comes there. Dhara asks what’s happening here. Shesh says she has hit the water gun at us. Shweta says I know, Natasha did this, I m so proud, I will carry on my shopping, I have much money. Dhara asks Natasha why did she do this. Shesh says beat her. Dhara says no, don’t touch her. She scolds Natasha and says say sorry to them. Rishita asks who are you to order her to say sorry, why would she say sorry, she won’t say. Dev says she is Dhara, she has a right to scold and beat also. Chutki goes and gets behind Rishita. Rishita smiles and cries happily.

Raavi says yes, they are kids, its okay if they say sorry. Rishita says you don’t say anything. Shiva gives the oil bottle. Gautam is drunk. He sees two bottles and says you are giving two bottles. Shiva says its one bottle. Gautam says I m drunk, you check well, we will come on road. He says give him one bottle and keep another one. Shiva acts to keep one bottle. Gautam says its fine now. Dhara says all kids are same, if Chiku did this, then I would have scolded him too, its parents’ work to explain kids, they got into tempo because of Natasha. Chutki says scold them, they broke my tablet, they started it first. Shesh says you took our aeroplane. Mittu says yes, Krish’s album. Chiku says its torn, we will get scolded. Dhara thinks Shweta got the divorce papers through Natasha. Chutki and kids argue. Dhara asks them to stop it. Rishita says don’t scold her, she is scared, you scold Chiku.

A man comes and asks Gautam is he drunk again. He asks Shiva when did you come back. Shiva says I stay here only. The man says we know, you brothers don’t stay together. Dhara says all the kids are of same family, they all are naughty, Chiku you keep everyone safe, you are the eldest, if anyone fights, then you will get punished, you wanted them to come home, when they have come, you are fighting. The man says you were staying away. Shiva says what nonsense, I was here. Gautam says yes, I will show the proof.

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Gautam gets Shiva’s name handglove and says he was here. Shiva says he is full gone case, what is he doing. Chiku says yes, I wanted them to come home, but I didn’t want this Natasha here, she thinks she is oversmart, she isn’t our family. Dhara says don’t say this again, she is a part of our family. Rishita says Shesh is getting spoiled because of Chiku. Dhara warns Chiku.

The other man says Gautam is drunk and Shiva has lost his mind. Gautam scolds the man and pushes him. The man also pushes Gautam. Shiva beats the men in anger. The men angrily break the things in the store.

Gautam says I will call the police. The men run away. Shiva panics. Gautam asks him to calm down. Dhara says you three broke my Chutki’s tablet, you won’t get anything now, I have a surprise for my Chutki, I made something for my Chutki. Natasha says no, you scold me. Dhara says I won’t scold, will you come, please come Chutki. Natasha asks why are you calling me Chutki, it looks LS, my name is Natasha. They smile. Suman asks what’s LS. Dev says low standard. Krish says she is Rishita’s daughter.

Dhara says okay, I will call you Natasha, sorry, I will not scold you from now. Natasha agrees and goes to hug her. Rishita cries. She says I can’t even hug my daughter. Chiku says we will go and see what mum made for her. Rishita says I didn’t get a chance to hug Chutki. Dev says you didn’t see that she hid behind you when Dhara scolded her, I m sure that she will bond with you soon. Suman says you have to give her much love for this. Rishita says she runs away from me, she doesn’t know I m her mum, Dhara will win her heart, I will see what surprise Dhara made for her. Dhara shows the decorated room to Chutki. Natasha smiles. Shea asks did you make this for me. Dhara nods. The kids come and get surprised. Natasha asks how did you know I will come here. Dhara says I knew it. Rishita comes and looks on. Natasha says its really good, even my mumma didn’t make it for me. Dhara hugs her. Natasha says the hug is very tight. Dhara says sorry, I love you, play in your doll house now. Natasha kisses her and goes. Rishita cries. Dhara asks the kids not to do anything to Natasha’s doll house, everyone should play with love. She goes to Rishita.

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Rishita asks how do you do all this. Dhara says don’t know, you should be happy, Chutki has taken a step towards our family. Rishita asks our side or your side. Dhara says even if on our side, she will come to your side in the end, you have to stay here today, it’s a good chance, Shweta is paying attention to Krish, you spend time with your Chutki and win her heart.

Dhara says I got Prerna home, how shall I save her from Shweta. Shweta says I have Natasha, the day I see Prerna here, I will break all the relations in this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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