Pandya Store 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita blames Dhara

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Pandya Store 26th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam and Dhara defending themselves. The lady takes Chiku from Dhara. The man says I won’t listen to anyone here, come to the police station and speak. They all worry. Dhara says give Chiku to me, we are coming. Shweta comes there. She says they are my family, you should have done a drama inside the house, not here. The men laugh. The man says we got much into the character. Shweta pays them. They leave. Krish shouts Shweta. She runs inside the house and shuts the door. Rishita pushes her away. Krish says I will kill you today. Dhara slaps Krish and stops him. She scolds him.

She asks did we give you these values. Shweta says thanks, I was taking your test, you passed, you will raise my Chiku well. She taunts. She shows Chiku’s papers to Dhara. She says no one will take Chiku from you now. Rishita says I will check the papers. Shweta says come on, grow up, you think I will play the same trick again and again. Dhara asks Rishita to check well. Rishita checks and gives the papers. Shweta signs the papers. Dhara asks did you read it well. Rishita nods. Dhara signs the papers.

Shweta says I m getting late, I have to go to Shweta store, I will touch my Chiku once. Dhara stops her and scolds. She throws out Shweta from the house. She shouts don’t show us your face again. Shweta thinks I have to snatch your family from you. Dhara says I swear on Chiku, I will get our shop back from Shweta, whatever it takes, don’t ask me when and why, I don’t have the answers now, I won’t let Shweta keep the store for long.

Shweta keeps her pic cutout at the store. She takes selfies. Dhara asks Chiku to see, how sad they are. A man Jeetu comes. Shweta asks him to put the posters everywhere. She gets the cash and says its precious than any treasure. Suman says she is really disgusting, she snatched our Pandya store and also insulted us. Gautam says we have to get our store back. Suman says don’t remind me about the store, I don’t want to insult you in front of everyone. Shweta asks Jeetu to shut the store fast. She asks him to put a poster on the store. She says I will see how they buy the store. Dhara talks to Chiku. Krish sees Suman’s hand hurt. He says I will just go and beat Shweta. Gautam stops him and says I request you to not do anything that drags this matter further. Krish sits.

Dhara gets kheer for everyone. Rishita asks did you make this to celebrate our insult. She taunts Dhara. Dev stops her. Dhara says I just made it, you have it thinking anything, its not the right time to say this, but its not Chiku’s mistake, please feed him the kheer. She asks Suman how did you get hurt. Rishita says she got hurt because of the insult. She hugs Dhara and says you know Suman got hurt because of you. Dhara asks what are you saying. Rishita asks what do you mean. They argue. Rishita says we lost the only medium of earning, don’t know what will Shweta do with us.

Shweta announces the sale of Pandya store. Pandyas are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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