Pandya Store 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara asks Gautam for Agnipariksha

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Pandya Store 25th October 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the director explaining the Agnipariksha scene to Gautam and Dhara. Gautam recalls the doctor’s words and cries. Dhara stares at Gautam. She says I have seen, heard and understood everything, don’t be hesitant to say. Gautam says but we shouldn’t get sad. The director asks him to go through the lines. He switches on their mics. Dhara argues with Gautam. She asks who was that girl, men will give Agnipariksha now. Krish says this scene has become Gautam’s Agnipariksha. Anita says I met Gautam outside the gate and came with me. Shiva says why doesn’t this drama end. Rishita asks who is that girl.

The people get angry. Janardhan says we are insulted and also our culture, we all respect Gautam, his wife is questioning him about the other girl, we will not let him play Shri Ram, lift the tomatoes and vent anger on the Pandya family, show them their place. Prafulla says look there, what’s happening. She moves the curtains away. Dhara says I won’t ask again, who was that girl, tell me. Suman gets angry. Gautam asks what are you saying, I m your husband, I just have a relation with you. He asks Dhara to say her lines and come on the stage. Dhara cries. She asks did I marry you to leave you and go, I will not leave you, I will kill that girl who comes between us. Everyone looks on. Gautam thinks how shall I calm her down. Shiva points the arrow at Gautam and scolds him for making Dhara cry. He asks who is that girl, tell me. Gautam says we are doing Ram leela here. Shiva asks who is the girl she is talking about, tell me. Gautam asks how shall I explain now. Dhara says I will not leave my house. Suman says Dhara’s harmonium is playing at a wrong time. The people get angry. Disha asks why is Dhara saying this and that too here.

Dev asks Shiva to calm down. Shiva says no one can make Dhara cry. Dev says yes, we can’t let wrong happen with her. He also points a sword at Gautam and asks him to say who is that girl. Krish also asks Gautam. Gautam asks what’s this nonsense, which girl. Director stops them and asks them to get into their characters. Suman hears the taunts from the people. Suman cries. Janardhan provokes the people. Dhara goes on the stage. Everyone comes on stage. The people scold Gautam for his affair. Director apologizes to them. Dhara asks Gautam to see what is happening because of his affair. Director scolds Dhara and asks her to have some shame, she brought the family problems in Ram leela, everyone used to praise her as an ideal wife and bahu. Everyone says sorry. The director says Raavan dahan is still left. Disha goes to take her dad’s call. Suman cries and feels ashamed. She says my family will win today. Gautam takes the bow to burn the Raavan. Everyone smiles and prays.

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Gautam asks Dhara to smile a bit. She says you didn’t tell me about that girl. He says you don’t trust me, what shall I do, shall I give Agnipariksha. Dhara says Sita was pure, so she did that, can you give it for me. Gautam thinks I can’t tell you about the baby. She turns away. Gautam goes. Dev and everyone worry seeing him. Dhara cries. Gautam walks lost and recalls Dhara’s words. He stands under the burning Raavan. He sees the fire sparks. Suman and Dhara shout Gautam.

Suman and Gautam get stuck in the fire. Dhara cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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