Pandya Store 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara and Rishita search for Nitin

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Pandya Store 25th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hari asking Shiva about Dhara and Raavi leaving the house. Shiva warns him. Gautam is sleeping alone. Dev and Krish come there. They lie beside him. Shiva comes and sees them. He recalls Gautam and Shiva putting the kids to sleep. He covers them with a blanket and goes. Its morning, Shweta gets busy in household chores. Rishita greets her morning. She peels the orange and throws the peel on the floor. Shweta sees this and gets angry.

Rishita says I want to clean the floor, but I m on strike, you clean this and also wet wipe the floor, make breakfast for everyone, Suman is right, she got a good girl as bahu, see all the relations changed with your coming. She goes. Shweta thinks I should have made her leave the house first. Dhara asks Raavi to have food. She says pray that Shweta’s truth comes out, I m going to the hospital. Raavi says but its no use, I got insulted in that house, Shiva’s doubt won’t go anywhere. Dhara says Shiva is seeing what Shweta is showing him, when he knows the truth, he will come running and apologize to you, we will go back with all the respect, have food and medicines, take care of Chiku. She leaves.

Rishita gets ready. She asks Dev to stay at home. She says I have much imp work. He says I know, you are going on mission Shweta, Dhara told me everything. She says its good, I love you. she hugs him. Shweta throws the utensils in anger and says I have become a maid here. Shiva comes and asks for a cup of tea. She says yes, I will make it, what happened to you, how did you get hurt, I will do the first aid, wait. He recalls Raavi. She does the aid. He says leave it, get the tea. She says let me do this, I m like your younger sister, I know you got yourself hurt, because you have hurt Raavi, you both love each other a lot. Krish looks on. Shiva thinks Dhara didn’t understand me and gave me this pain, Shweta understood my pain. She says I will get haldi milk for you, you will recover soon. Krish thinks Shweta acts a lot, she broke his relation and now she is doing his aid. Dhara and Rishita come to the hospital. The nurse eats a cake. They ask about Dr. Nitin. Nitin comes there and hides his face. Nurse says he is behind you. They turn and don’t see him. Nurse says he went out, its his last day today.

Rishita and Dhara run. Nurse asks what work did you have with him. Shweta says its first day, I can’t do this work, I will order food. She gets Nitin’s call. She asks why did you call. He says I m leaving the hospital, your Jethanis are finding me. She says they can’t catch you. She says you are going to leave the country, Raavi’s pregnancy truth will also go with you, I have played this game for money, I have no interest in anything, I will give your share. Krish hears her. She says my parents gave Chiku’s custodianship to Dhara, I won’t let Dhara snatch my rights. Krish thinks this is her true face, I have to tell this to Dhara and Rishita. Dhara and Rishita see Nitin leaving in the car. Dev consoles Chutki. He says Suman refused to handle Chutki, I got her to the store, is this right. Gautam smiles. Dev says you are laughing. Shiva feels pain in his arm. Gautam stops Dev from helping Shiva. Krish comes and looks on. He helps Shiva. Rishita throws the cake and scolds the nurse. Nurse says this is Nitin’s farewell cake, he is leaving today. Dhara asks is he going. Rishita says give me his address right now. Nurse says we can’t give the address, you came yesterday to do the drama. Dhara says she keeps visiting, she has a personal relation with Dr. Nitin, she sees Lord in him, she worships him. Rishita says yes.

Dhara fools the nurse and asks for Nitin’s address. Nurse says sorry, I didn’t know her attachment with Nitin, don’t worry, I will give you the address. She gives the address. Dhara thanks her. Nurse says he might be leaving the country. They get shocked. Nitin comes home and takes his passport. He packs his stuff.

Gautam and Dev catch Nitin. They fall down. Nitin flees. Rishita tells some plan and says Dhara has to die. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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