Pandya Store 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Arushi’s mum hides from Pandyas

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Pandya Store 25th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi calling Dhara and asking do you know where is Shiva taking everyone. Dhara says I know. Raavi asks how can you let him do this. Dhara says he was threatening to burn himself, Suman was scared and went to meet Arushi’s mum, he asked me not to come. Raavi argues. Dhara ends the call. Rishita says Arushi is just fooling Shiva. Raavi says she is fooling me, we will go there and remind Shiva that Mittu is his son. Arushi welcomes Pandyas. Rishita and Raavi ask the auto driver to wait for them. They pay him 500rs. The kids get confused. Arushi looks for her mum. Shiva and everyone get seated. Arushi’s mum goes to her room and worries. Shiva introduces his brothers. Arushi says I m glad to meet you all. Shiva says I met her Aai and you met my mum and brothers, I m ready to exchange the ring. Dev asks Gautam to stop Shiva. Suman asks shall we leave now. Shiva signs Arushi to touch Suman’s feet.
Raavi asks the driver to wait for them. She asks Rishita to go. Suman says we will talk to you later, call your mum. Shiva says talk to me. Gautam says I can see the upcoming storm, I m scared.

Rishita comes there with the kids. Suman worries. Rishita asks why did you not call me. Shiva asks why, who are you. Rishita says your Bhabhi. He asks Dev what is she saying. Rishita says you left the kids and came here, they felt so bad. She asks Mittu to go and sit with his dad.

Prerna hugs Krish and cries. She apologizes. He says it was my mistake, we have stolen Shweta’s blood sample. She says I love you Krish and gets happy. She says I need to talk to you. Shweta is dancing. Dhara goes to get her blood sample. She makes a cut on Shweta’s hand and gets the blood sample. Krish asks what is so imp. Prerna tells him about her pregnancy and medical test. Krish hugs her and smiles. Shivank is on the way. He comes home and gets shocked seeing them. Krish asks are you pregnant or not. Prerna says I don’t know. He says Shivank took your blood sample, and maybe he has exchanged it with Shweta’s blood sample, he is with Shweta, I will get the sample matched with your blood, if we are pregnant, then nobody can stop us from uniting. Prerna says we should tell this to Dhara, come. Krish says we became parents before marriage, how will I tell this to Dhara. Dhara comes downstairs and says take this, Shweta’s blood sample. Shivank gets shocked. Shweta sees her finger bleeding and worries. She asks someone to call a doctor. Krish says Shweta’s game is over now.

Krish says I m going to become father of Prerna’s child. Shivank says no, its my child, I won’t let you get Prerna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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