Pandya Store 25th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishita and Dev decide to leave

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Pandya Store 25th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiva asking Natasha who is she. She says I m Natasha, call me Natasha. He says fine, Natasha, I have solid confusion in my mind. She asks what shall I do. He asks who are your parents. He asks the kids. The kids tell their parents’ name. Shesh says they got me from the garbage bin. Shiva says this girl is saying truth, you all are lying, who is Rishita. Chiku says she is my mum. Shesh says Rishita and Dev were my mom and dad before. Shiva scolds him. He says just this girl is saying the truth. He goes. Shivank watches the match. He says Raavi, the breakfast was tasty, make tasty lunch, I know you love me. The lights go off. He goes out. The man cuts off the power supply. Shivank scolds him. The man asks him to pay the bill. Shivank gives him 10rs and says switch on the power. The man returns it and says pay the bill with penalty. He goes. Shivank says strange people, I think I have to knock the door of the family now, Dhara Bhabhi.

Shiva comes to Dhara and asks what’s happening, when did Dev get married, who is Rishita, who are the kids, I don’t understand. Dhara says calm down, everything will get fine, Chiku is my son, Dev got married. He says Natasha said you are her mum and Chiku said Dev is his dad, I will die if I think more. Shweta is in lockup. She sees the jail mate having a mobile. She says let me make a phone call. The lady asks for money. Shweta says I will complain to the constable. The lady scolds her. Shweta thinks I won’t leave Dhara. Dhara says give yourself some time, everything will be fine, you will remember everything, you have to take medicines on time. He takes the medicines. She says I m with you, don’t worry. He says you are with me, I m not worried, did Dev get married. She says yes. He says Raavi and he were good friends since childhood, my tension is over. She asks him to go and handle the store. He says I forgot. He smiles and goes. Krish and Prerna enjoy the bike ride. He flirts with her and sings. He says I will get Canada to you. She asks what will you do. He asks her to come. He takes her to a beautiful lake. She says it’s a beautiful place. He says less than you, I used to come here by bunking college. She asks were you a bad boy. He says I m a bad boy, I want to marry this sweet nice girl. She says I want a simple, handsome and good-valued guy, who loves me. He says close your eyes. He romantically proposes her. Prerna smiles. Everyone claps for them. Mujhe pyaar hai tumse…plays… He says I will complete divorce formalities and marry you, we will go back to Canada. She says no, we will get married here, Gautam is supporting you, you have seen it, I have to come home as a bride. He smiles and says we shall romance if you decided to become my bride. She pushes him and runs.

Shivank unpacks the bags and checks the glasses. He puts high price tags on the local items. He says they will think I have come empty handed from US. Rishita calls Shesh and asks him to get ready. The kids come. Shesh asks do we have to go anywhere. Chiku says she is telling that to me, I m her son, I will get ready, where are we going. Dev comes. Shesh gets sad. Dev sees him. He takes Rishita aside. He says I got our tickets. She says thank God, your brotherhood didn’t come in between for the first time. He says second time, I left the house before also. She says I will do packing and come. He says Natasha got an emotional shock, think again, this is also our house. She says it doesn’t matter, Shiva is sick, kids are confused about their parents. He says yes, I m also scared for them. She says I feel we should take them with us. She cries and says we will go. He says I also want Natasha to call me dad. She says we have to find a kidney donor also, we can find a donor in Ahmedabad, I took an appointment with Dr. Anand. He says we can tell this to Dhara. She says no, she will try to stop us. She argues. She says please Dev, promise me, you won’t tell this, for the kids’ sake. He says promise.

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Rishita says I will take Chutki with me. Dhara worries. Shivank comes home and greets everyone. Shweta calls him and asks him to get her out of the jail. He asks are you fine, don’t worry, your work will be done.

Update Credit to: Amena

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