Pandya Store 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha’s story begins

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Pandya Store 25th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Natasha coming to open the Pandya store. She does a drama. Few guys are on the way. One of them says I have to go home before everyone knows, we are coming from a party. Dhawal comes in between and stops the guys. He says I love my job. He says filmi lines. Suman prepares the food for her grandchildren. She calls out Mittu. He asks her to call her Rishank. She says I will see you, you discoloured my dupatta, I will beat you. He asks her to beat Shesh, he didn’t wake up till now. Natasha cleans the pics of the family members. Dhawal passes by on his bike. He makes the trunk box fall. Natasha gets angry. Dhawal leaves. She argues with the municipality worker. He says a biker had hit me and this happened, look there, he is fleeing. Suman wakes up Shesh and asks her to get to work. Shesh boasts of his smartness. He shows the vaccum cleaner. He says I have started business to sell this machine, we will sell it and become rich. He can’t start the machine. Natasha comes and asks what did you get, you got a new scheme. Shesh argues with her. Natasha says I will go to the college. Suman says you would have beaten the store walls. Natasha says I would have taken you to the city. Suman says your mum also wanted to go to city. Natasha says I want to do a corporate job. Suman says I know you love the store, Dhara and Gautam gave this to you. Natasha recalls Gautam’s words.

Suman cries. Natasha says I will leave for college. She goes. She falls down. Shesh and Mittu laugh. Suman scolds them. Natasha kisses Suman and goes. Amrish shows the development plan for the market. The men like it and praise Amrish. Natasha says I will talk later, I have to go to the college. The man says we will get consent from Pandya store owner, that girl Natasha is the owner. Amrish doesn’t see her. He thinks this girl has to say yes. He asks where does she study. The man says KM college. A lady calls Dhawal and asks about the ring. Dhawal says I forgot, Bhabhi. He thinks how shall I get the ring. He gets a call from another Bhabhi. He says don’t get angry, I will get the ring, I will talk to you later. He gets his mum’s call and sings a song. Maa asks for Chirag’s engagement ring. He says its with me. He sees a girl wearing a beautiful ring. He asks are you ready for the fest. She says no, Natasha isn’t coming. He says you will come, and Natasha will also come. He kisses her ring. He says you shouldn’t wear this fake ring, just diamond will suit you. Natasha is on the call. Dhawal thinks to take Natasha to fest.

He collides with her and argues. She says you have collided with me intentionally. He says beauty with brain, what a killer combination, have some pity on us. He says please come with me to the college fest. She says Urmi also asked me, Harish Kaka might have not given her permission, you know Urmi, you are roaming with her, I know Dhawal has a new girl in queue, I m not in this queue, so I won’t come. He says I m impressed, it will be fun. Shivani and Hetal have an argument. They see Maa’s car and go to her. Maa smiles seeing both her bahus. She thinks bahus should bend in front of Saas. She looks on and makes Shivani bend. Maa lectures her Bahus. Natasha sees her bill spoiled and gets angry. Dhawal goes to them. He hugs Maa. He says three people have come to take the ring. He gives the ring. Natasha catches the ring and runs. Maa says thief, catch her. Dhawal says give it back. She says my bill got spoiled because of you. Amrish calls Dhawal and asks do you know Natasha Pandya. Dhawal says yes, I know her well.

Natasha and Suman get Amrish’s mall offer. Amrish says we can’t start the mall construction until Natasha gives the consent. Suman refuses to sell Pandya store.

Update Credit to: Amena

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