Pandya Store 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara fears of losing Chiku

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Pandya Store 25th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita blaming Gautam. Gautam cries. He says I felt you all are willing to support us happily, its my mistake, I m sorry, forgive me, I have put your future in darkness for Dhara’s happiness, but I promise, I will take back Pandya store from Shweta soon, trust me. Suman asks when, you will go and talk to her, will she give you the store. She says you didn’t lose just Pandya store, but your dad’s heritage, my old age’s support, my peace and sleep, you all won’t take care of me now. Dhara says no, I will always take care of you. Suman says your love is just of Chiku now, I don’t matter to you, my three sons don’t matter to you, what about them. She scolds Gautam and Dhara. Dhara cries and says I didn’t know we will pay a big price for bringing Chiku home, if I knew then… Rishita says you would have done the same, this family doesn’t matter to you. she laughs. Krish asks why are you laughing, stop it. She says you will hit your head now, ask Dhara where are Chiku’s legal papers. Everyone realizes this and gets shocked.

Rishita says Shweta has done everything to set her life, she snatched the papers, where are Chiku’s papers, did you get it. Gautam says Rishita is right, I forgot to take the papers. Rishita says it means Shweta got the money, Pandya store and also Chiku, what do we have, nothing, its over. Jankana and Hari come to the hotel to meet Shweta. Jankana scolds Shweta. Shweta argues. Jankana slaps her. Dhara says I won’t let anyone take Chiku. Raavi asks really, what will you do when police comes to take him, how can anyone be so foolish. Dhara cries. Shweta misbehaves with them. Jankana says you really died for us. They leave. Rishita says its time to fix this mistake, not to cry. She asks Krish to call Shweta. Krish calls Shweta and asks her to sign the custodianship papers. She says I have no time, I will come when I find time. He shouts. Raavi makes videos. Shiva says so much happened. She says if I don’t make videos, we won’t have anything to live. She gets criticized by fans. Shiva calls the man to get some job. Dhara says I m scared, if Shweta comes and takes Chiku with her.

Rishita says we have to think of us and get a good job for Chutki’s sake, we will go where we need to. Raavi asks Shiva will he do labor work now. He says time is bad. Gautam holds Dhara’s hand. Krish says even I m scared. Suman looks on. Krish says when everyone fights and goes to their rooms, I feel scared that they will make their own worlds, Shweta’s words can turn true. Suman cries. Its morning, Dhara does the aarti. Some men come from commission office. The man says we got to know that you have stolen Shweta’s baby. Rishita says I told you, we can’t trust her. Dev says we didn’t steal her baby. The man says Shweta has filed the complaint, we have to investigate and take the baby from you. Dhara is shocked.

Shweta comes to sell off Pandya store. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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