Pandya Store 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara and Krish get Shweta’s blood sample

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Pandya Store 24th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara and Krish hearing the lab assistants talking about the sample collection error. Arushi hears her mum’s words and cries. Shiva comes and asks what happened. She says people are making wrong rumours about us. Shiva comes into her words. Dhara and Krish trick the lab assistants to get the blood samples. Shiva says I will get my family to talk to your mum. Arushi says your mum had beaten you that day, they don’t value you. He says no, I want to live for myself, they will come to your house. Arushi says Dhara came home and threatened me and my mum. He asks what. She says yes, she refused for this alliance, my mum is unsure now. Dhara distracts the man. Krish steals the sample. Dhara lies to the man and leaves. Shiva says my family will see my anger now, go home, I promise, I will get my family. Arushi hugs him and cries. She goes smiling. Dhara says sorry, I didn’t do this before. Shiva comes and shouts, asking everyone to come out.

He pours kerosene on himself and lights a matchstick. He says you have hurt me a lot, I will burn myself. Suman says wait, tell me, what’s the problem. Shiva says I want to marry. The family tries to stop him. Shiva says no one thinks about me. Suman says I love you a lot. Shiva argues with everyone. Dhara asks what do you want. Shiva says I want to live in peace, what shall I tell them that my family is my enemy. Suman says Krish, put the kerosene on me and burn me also. Gautam asks her to wait. Dhara scolds Shiva. He doesn’t listen and says you all didn’t value me, what did I ask, just to get me married. Suman stops Shiva and says we will go to meet the girl right now. Shiva asks really, will you refuse later. She says then you can burn yourself. He says I will take a bath and get ready, everyone get ready. Suman says what could I do. She goes. Dev says he fooled us, its not kerosene. Arushi prepares to welcome Pandyas. Her mum asks is Shiva coming. Arushi says see them when they come. Krish says we don’t know where is Raavi. Dhara says yes, I had to tell her but how. He says I m scared what will happen when she knows it. She says Raavi and Rishita went for kids’ school admission, we will see Raavi later. Shiva gets ready and comes. Krish says you have worn a new shirt, I m not coming. Dhara says I m also not coming. Shiva says its okay, I don’t need her. Dhara says I trust Suman, she will make everything fine. Suman asks Prerna to pack her bags and leave. They leave. Dhara says I will go and get Shweta’s blood samples. Krish says but Prerna…. Shiva asks Gautam to take a right turn. Raavi thanks Rishita. Rishita says all our kids will study together. She sees the family going in the car. She calls Dev. Shiva jokes.

Dev takes the call and says we are going to Arushi’s house, don’t tell Raavi. Shiva asks why, I m getting married. Rishita ends call and tells everything to Raavi.

Arushi welcomes Pandyas home. Dhara gets the blood sample and gives it to Krish. Shivank looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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