Pandya Store 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Suman suspects Dhara’s intentions

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Pandya Store 24th May 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiva showing his bruises to Raavi. She says sorry, you behave well with me now. They argue. He asks Dhara to see Raavi is fighting again. She stops him and says I m talking with love, we shall convince Dhara together. He says fine. Suman says Gautam’s married life started here. Anita recalls the marriage. She gives water to Suman. Dhara comes and unpacks Suman’s bag. Anita says stop, I will do this, you will have much work. Dhara says its okay, I will do it, you go to Prafulla and see her. Suman asks Dhara to go, Anita will keep the clothes. Dhara leaves. Suman thinks to find out the matter, if she gets to know Dhara’s lie, then she won’t leave Dhara. Prafulla and Anita come to a room. Rishita sees them and asks what work do you have here, its my room. Prafulla says its big thing you got a room.

Rishita asks am I bad to get this bad room. Prafulla says I didn’t say that, calm down. Dev sees Prafulla and Anita going. He goes to Rishita. He asks Rishita to stay with family. He says mum shouldn’t know this, else mum will hold Dhara responsible, Dhara is imp for me. Rishita asks how imp am I. He says you know it. She says I won’t do anything wrong. She says there is a difference in your and our wrong. She argues. Prafulla comes to Raavi’s room and likes it. She says I got a bad room, Suan got the best one. Anita asks her to stop it. Prafulla likes the mattress. She says you got the best room, Dhara did something good for you, Shiva isn’t deserving to stay here, we should leave him in jungle, he should hang on the trees and sleep, he looks like junk. Raavi says I m upset on Dhara, but its not a solution to break relations. Prafulla says you want to live suffocated. Raavi says no, I m very happy. Prafulla says something is wrong. Raavi asks what.

Prafulla asks about first rasoi. Raavi says it went well, take care, I will do work and come. Gautam asks Dhara to have food, its tasty. She says I know, I had made it, but I m not hungry. He says please have it, you made this rule that everyone will dine separately. She cries. He says you are wrong to punish yourself, you are sensible, how long can you hide this from mum, I m afraid that mum will know what happened here, you know mum’s anger. Suman says everyone is hiding something, Krish will tell me. Gautam asks Dhara to have food. Rishita and Dev come and see them. Dev refuses to have food. Rishita says don’t know what’s this melodrama, how can anyone leave food, she asked us to stay separated, Dhara creates confusion. Dev says our Dhara bhabhi is such. Dhara says I can’t have food. Gautam makes her swear on him. He feeds her the food. Saathi re….plays… Gautam hugs Dhara and consoles. Shiva sees Raavi. Dev eats the sandwich with Rishita.

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Suman calls out Krish. He worries and hides the saree in his clothes. She gets shocked and asks what happened to your stomach, what did Dhara feed you, come here. Krish says let it be, I m a man, big stomach is a sign of a happy man. She asks him to come to her. He gets back. She calls Shiva and asks him to see his stomach, he looks sick. Shiva thinks what’s this new drama. Krish says saree. Shiva says leave him, look at me, I missed you a lot. He hugs her. Krish throws the saree away. Krish comes. Shiva says he eats much jalebis. She asks where did it go. Krish says it was a gas. Suman says I didn’t get any sound or smell.

Shiva says he is a silencer. Suman says bad, come with me, I need to talk. Krish says I will go to washroom and come. She goes. Krish picks the saree. Shiva asks Krish to keep the saree for more days, Suman will also beat them. Krish says I m feeling hurt to keep this. Shiva asks him not to tell anything to Suman. Krish says fine, you go and give this saree to Shiva. Shiva says you give it, she will beat me. Krish says she will not do my aarti, we will go together and get beaten as prasad. Shiva says come. They go to Dhara’s room and keep the saree back. Dhara pulls their ear and asks what are you doing in my room. Shiva says his clothes went for washing, I said we will take Gautam’s tshirt. Krish says wow, yes, I mean I wanted a tshirt. The red saree falls down. Dhara sees it. They get tensed.

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Suman scolds Dhara for hiding things from her. Everyone worries. Suman says I will send away Dhara if anything happens again. Gautam looks at Dhara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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