Pandya Store 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta gets arrested

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Pandya Store 24th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta scolding Prerna and everyone. She says you won’t change, right, love is strange, I threatened Prerna, even then she came here. Krish says listen to me. She says you listen to me, I will call the police and tell that Prerna is ruining my married life, you will go to jail. Dev signs Dhara. Dhara throws Shweta’s phone and says I will fulfil your wish. She calls the police. Krish says you will get jailed now. They laugh at Shweta. Dhara says we had filed complaint against Shweta, she had kept Chutki with her for 7 years. Shweta says no, she is my daughter. Rishita says Natasha is my daughter. She gets DNA reports and proofs. Shweta thinks how did she get that.

Inspector arrests Shweta. Shweta says they are lying. Everyone claps. Krish says do come in Prerna and my marriage, but how will you come from jail, I will get you out on parole. Shweta says I won’t divorce you. He says its not needed, you left me 7 years back and I will say this to the judge and ask for divorce, I will get the divorce. Shweta says I will not leave you. Krish hugs Prerna. Dev hugs Rishita. Dhara smiles. She says we have to win the kids. Rishita says I have thought about it. Suman says Shweta got jailed. Gautam says there is no one to bail her. She says yes, our family united after 7 years. He says I will do my best to keep them united. She says I trust you, you, me and Dhara will keep the family united, we will get Krish and Prerna married, and celebrate double happiness. He says I was going to say that. He sees the Gajra stall and thinks I have done injustice with Dhara for 7 years. Suman says go and buy it. He says no. She says I know you, you and Dhara weren’t together for 7 years, I have seen it. He asks what shall I do, situation was such. She asks are you waiting for mahurat now. She explains him. He hugs her. She says go and buy it, become your wife’s puppet again, I will adjust. He smiles. He recalls Dhara. He buys Gajra. He goes home and sees Dhara. He says we got peace in the house now. She says yes, we have to get Shweta punished. He shows the Gajra. She smiles. He fixes it in her hair. He says just you can keep our family tied.

He sits down and apologizes to her. Krish and Prerna come and look on. Dhara also sits down. She says I should apologize. Ishq re haye re…plays…. Prerna smiles seeing them. Krish turns to go. Prerna holds him. Gautam kisses Dhara. Krish gets away. Gautam and Dhara see him and get away. Gautam scolds him. Krish says Prerna pushed me, see, she is hiding, ask her. Prerna says sorry to come this way, we had to ask something. Krish says no, you guys continue. Dhara asks what do you want to ask. Krish says it was your idea, you say.

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She says liar, cool, I will drop my idea. Gautam asks them to say it. Krish jokes on his romance. Dhara stops Gautam. Krish says Prerna was asking me to take her on a long drive, I said we will take your permission. Prerna says he is a liar, he was asking me to come on a long drive, I said how can we go, its imp to take elders’ permission, I don’t want to go anywhere now. Gautam says no one will go anywhere, Krish will come with me to store. Dhara says Krish, you thought well, take Prerna out and show Somnath, you both didn’t get time to spend, go for an outing. Prerna hugs her. Krish and Prerna thank them. Gautam gives money and says takes her to a good place, oh, I forgot, you are rich now. Krish takes the money and says even if I get richer, your money will always be more valuable than me, I will keep taking pocket money from you. Gautam says enjoy, meet me at chowk today, there is a good divorce lawyer, we will get you divorced to Shweta, and get you married to Prerna. Krish says enjoy and goes with Prerna. Gautam says I will go now. Dhara says listen, I love you. He smiles and says I love you too. He hugs her. She teases him and laughs. She says go to the store, sorry.

The kids look for Shweta. Chiku says the family has hidden her. Shesh says we don’t have her number. Mittu says we will ask someone. Shweta says I will not leave them, I will take revenge, I won’t let Pandya family stay in peace.

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Dhara and Rishita argue. Suman says I will talk to Dev. Dev gets the tickets.

Update Credit to: Amena

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