Pandya Store 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishita decides to trouble Shweta

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Pandya Store 23rd November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi says Shweta did all the mess, then its possible that she has changed Shiva and Arnav’s shirts to create a rift between us, she went with me to the market, she knew which shirt is cheap and which one is costly. Rishita says you took her side, she ruined your house. Raavi asks why did she break Shiva and my relation, instead Dev and yours. Rishita says Dev and my relation isn’t so weak that it breaks, I do job or anything, he will never doubt on me. Shiva gets badly beaten up. The man says you should have punched him at least. Shiva pours water on his head. Doctor checks Shiva and says you are hurt. He gives him medicine and asks him to have food first. He says don’t worry, pain will get less. Shiva asks will heart pain also get less. The man asks did any girl leave you, sorry, heart pain won’t go with this medicine. Raavi says I want some answers from Shweta. Rishita asks her to sit. She says when you go to ask her, she will cry and tell some story, till the truth comes out, I will make her life tough, she made you both out, who will do your work now, she will do, I will go home and go on strike, I will make her wash spoons and Chutki’s clothes also. Dhara says she can spoil the work and make you work double, handle the house for some days. Rishita says nothing will happen, let me do this my way. Dhara says promise me, you won’t do anything wrong, tell this to Gautam and everyone, it will help us. Rishita asks Raavi to take care and goes.

Krish sees Shweta doing the work and helps her. She falls in his arms. He asks are you fine. She nods. He says I will clean this. She says its too much. He says you said you will handle everything and take care of mum. He gets Gautam’s call. He says I have to go for work, handle Chutki till Rishita comes, I will tell mum, okay, handle dinner also. He goes. She gets angry and says I won’t make the food. Dhara feeds the food to Raavi. She asks her to get fine first and then think of Shweta. Shweta plays music and dances. Rishita comes and sees her dancing. She scolds Shweta. She asks did you create this misunderstanding, Dhara and Raavi left the house. Shweta starts acting and cries. Rishita says I m sure that Dhara and Raavi will come back, then we will use this way of yours to thank Lord. She goes. Shweta thinks no one has a way out for my plan.

Suman talks to everyone. She worries for Shiva. Shiva is on the roads. He says no one cares about me. Shweta gets pizza for everyone and asks them to have it. Rishita taunts reminding about the pizza she had made. Dev says you should have helped Shweta in work. Rishita says no, you have let Dhara and Raavi leave, you take medicines and sleep again. Suman asks her not to argue with her husband. Rishita says sorry, everyone is wrong in this house. She defends Raavi and argues with Suman. Suman asks her to help Shweta in work. Rishita says no way, I won’t do anything, I m not Dhara, I m on strike. Shweta worries. Suman says you know I can’t do any work, I won’t call them back, Shweta will handle everything. Rishita says yes, make Shweta work. Shweta asks her not to get on strike. Rishita says I don’t want to listen to you. Suman says Dhara taught this to you, I have Shweta with me, she will handle everything. Rishita asks Shweta to order burger for lunch. Suman says no, she will made homemade food. Krish says I will call Shiva. Gautam says you won’t call him. He goes and calls Dhara. Suman gets angry. Gautam asks did Shiva come or call. Dhara says no, come and meet me, I know who is behind this conspiracy. He asks what, conspiracy.

Dhara says Shweta has done all this, she has broken our house. Krish says if she has done this, then she has to leave the house. They all join hands. Rishita asks where is Dr. Nitin. Nurse says he is behind you. Rishita and Dhara see Dr. Nitin coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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