Pandya Store 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara meets her mum

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Pandya Store 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arushi’s mum seeing Dhara and worrying. She asks Arushi not to open the door. Arushi goes and opens the door. Her mum hides. Dhara says love isn’t a game, we are helpless that we aren’t able to help Shiva, what you want can’t happen. Arushi says my plan is good. Dhara says Shiva isn’t a toy. Her mum hides her face and gets fruit juice for Dhara. She says guest is like God, don’t get upset, have something and go. Dhara says I didn’t come here to have tea and food, who are you. Arushi says she is my Aai. Dhara says Arushi is doing wrong. Her mum says I will explain her, this is the first mango juice of the season, and it should be served to family, you said you are like my daughter, so I m your mum, its your Maayka, have the juice. Dhara drinks the juice and says my mum also used to make mango juice and potato papad. Her mum says think its her blessing. Dhara says it will be abshagun if you bless me by her name. She stops her mum and says you explain Arushi to stay away from Shiva. She goes. She comes back to get her purse. She leaves. Arushi gets angry. Krish comes to meet Prerna. He says I don’t like you talking to Shivank. She says he is my friend, are you doubting me. Shweta scolds Shivank for bailing them out. He says then how would I become a hero in Prerna’s house, Suman asked us to leave the house, if Prerna refuses to come, then it will be a problem. Krish and Prerna argue. Krish says Suman thinks Shivank and your relation will be formed. Shweta warns Shivank.

Krish stops Prerna and says I love you Prerna, you don’t know Shivank, Dhara and I know him, I m making you aware of him. She says its just your cover up. He says I was just warning you. He leaves. Arushi says when I wanted to have mango, you said its costly. Her mum says I have made this for you. Arushi says you are lying. She shouts on her mum and argues. Her mum says I have allergy the mango juice, I can’t have it. Arushi insists her to drink the juice.

Krish and Dhara are in the hospital. She says we have to take the blood sample, come. A lady stops them and asks are you new joinees, I will check your details in the system, there is no entry. Krish asks how can this happen, it will be there. Dhara worries. The lady says sorry, its there, you can go. Dhara asks what was this. Krish says I found out about the new joinees and did this. Dhara says you have become smart. Arushi’s mum shouts I have no allergy, but guilt, I couldn’t give this to Dhara and decided to never have mango ever, I have done wrong with her. Arushi says you don’t love me, you have to face Dhara. Her mum refuses and says I have no courage to face her. Arushi says sorry, I will become a part of that family, you have to tell everyone about Dhara and you. Her mum asks her to stop. Arushi calls Shiva and says I want to meet you. He gets glad. Arushi says I have to meet Shiva. Arushi’s mum gets Amit’s call and asks for a job. She says I can’t stay here in this city. Arushi says I won’t go anywhere until I unite you and your daughter.

Update in Progress
Arushi says Dhara and her mum will come face to face. Dhara says this time, I will not mess up things.

Update Credit to: Amena

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