Pandya Store 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta keeps kids away from Pandyas

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Pandya Store 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita waking up from a dream. She cries and sees Dev. She drinks some water. Shiva asks what were you doing in our bathroom. Rishita says I had gone for a bath. He asks who are you, are you staying here on rent. She says I m your distant relative. He says no, I don’t remember. She says ask Dhara. He says something is wrong, I will ask Dhara. Customer comes to Pandya store. Prerna comes and greets. She says I gave a break to Dhara, I have made Punjabi rajma chawal. Gautam says great, keep it here, we need time. She asks him to taste it and say how is it. She feeds him the food. He says its amazing. She smiles. He asks do you remember our plan. She says yes, don’t worry. She asks Dev to try the food. Dev asks what did you make. Prerna eats it to check. Dev says its amazing. Shweta and kids come downstairs. Shesh asks Natasha to be with them, else they will get upset. Natasha agrees to be in their team. Shweta says I m your fav. Aunty, I will give you many chocolates. The kids get happy. Dhara says I will not leave Shweta. Rishita gets icecreams for the kids. She asks them to come and have it. They refuse. Dhara says we will have pizza and jalebi first and then icecream. They ask who will party with us. The kids turn away. Shweta says they don’t want to have it, I have made breakfast for them.

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Chiku says you are my mum, I don’t want to eat it. Dhara worries. Shweta gets dhokla and asks them to have it. She says I have made the dhokla. Dhara checks it and says its really hard, Chiku won’t eat it. Chiku eats it and says its really good, I never had it. Shweta asks Dhara not to touch the kids. She asks her to leave. Dhara apologizes to the kids. Shweta asks her to go and do her work. Chiku and Shesh say dhokla is nice. Mittu says I don’t like it. They ask him to have it. Chiku asks her to make something tasty for them tomorrow. Shweta agrees. She asks Natasha to have juice. She asks are you fine, why are your feet swollen. Dhara and Rishita come to see Natasha. Natasha says I don’t want you, stay away, I won’t call you good aunty, you lied to me. Shweta asks why are you saying this. Natasha goes to Dhara. Shweta says the kids are living with me, why are you saying this. Natasha says I m staying with you on their saying, you are a bad aunty. Rishita smiles. Natasha says the kids are bad boys. Dhara says this is called instant Karma. She asks Natasha not to get angry on Rishita and her. Shweta makes Dhara away and says don’t dare to come between me and Natasha, she will stay with me, all kids will stay with me. Dhara scolds her.

Prerna come there with a guy as a clown. They dance and entertain the kids. Shiva says I will go to the store. Gautam says go tomorrow, we just came. Dhara says let him go. Gautam says yes, I forgot, come with me and help. He takes Shiva. The kids go with the clown. Shweta asks him not to take the kids. Dhara and Rishita scold Shweta. Dhara says kids get drawn to love, they will come back to us soon. She signs Prerna to go. Shweta steps on Prerna’s dupatta by mistake. She gets shocked seeing Prerna.

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Shweta says I will call the police. Dhara calls the police. Shweta gets arrested. She says I will not let them live in peace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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