Pandya Store 23rd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti gets injured

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Pandya Store 23rd June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Malti asking Shiva to save Dhara. Shiva runs. The kids talk about Dhara. Gautam and everyone look for Dhara and kids. Raavi and everyone see the news. She asks Krish to do something. He says I m trying, I think they have put jammers there. Shesh asks did anything happen to Chiku and Natasha. Prerna says no, they will come home. Raavi prays. Shiva gives the masks to Gautam and everyone. He says I heard the police saying, someone is putting chemicals here, its spreading poisonous gas, we have to breathe and find Dhara. Arushi sees Malti and says you didn’t think about me, you can’t save Dhara, she has to die. She gets hurt.

Rishita asks where are Dhara and kids. Shiva says Malti told me that Arushi called Dhara here by trick to kill her and take revenge. Gautam is shocked. Arushi checks Dhara. She says you have lived a lot, come, I will free you from this world. The kids cry. Mittu cries. Raavi says its fine, I m here. Krish says it means there is no alien, its poisonous gas, I have to go there, my family needs me. Prerna says I understand, but think for me and baby, if anything happens to you, I have no one except you. Everyone shouts Dhara, Chiku and Natasha. Chiku says Maa. Shweta stops and says Chiku’s voice. She looks around and finds the kids in the pit.

Gautam says the pit is very deep, how will we get the kids. Rishita says Natasha is unconscious, I m going to her. Gautam says calm down. Shiva gets a rope. Arushi sees the family rescuing the kids. Malti sees Arushi dragging Dhara. Shiva jumps in the pit to get the kids out. Malti makes Dhara wear a mask. She asks are you okay. She scolds Arushi.

Arushi says I don’t regard her my enemy. Shiva asks Gautam to pull. Shiva falls back. He says kids are fine. He asks Gautam to give mask for Chutki. Gautam gives his mask. Rishita gives her mask to Gautam. He says I have a kerchief.

Shiva asks Gautam to pull the rope. Arushi also wears a mask. She removes Dhara’s mask. Malti drags Dhara. Arushi argues with Malti. Gautam and everyone get the kids out. Malti takes Dhara in her lap and puts the mask. Arushi cries. Malti says I m doing for your betterment, you will regret a lot. Arushi says I don’t want such mum. Shweta checks Chiku. Rishita worries for Natasha. Gautam asks Shiva to tie the kerchief. He says Shiva, you take the kids to hospital, I will find Dhara. Shiva says I won’t go. Gautam says just do what I said. Arushi pushes Dhara. Malti runs to save Dhara.

Malti falls and rolls down the cliff area. Dhara and Arushi shout Maa. Raavi gets the lep and says Suman asked you to apply this to your tummy. Prerna says you are right, I don’t believe in all this. Raavi says Suman believes it. Dhara goes to Malti. Shweta and Rishita see Malti fallen. Gautam and Shiva see Malti and Dhara. They run. Gautam hugs Dhara and says thank God, you are fine. Shiva checks Malti. Malti is injured. Arushi hides and looks on.

Dhara says I will not let you go away from me this time. Malti dies. Dhara and Arushi cry. Dhara scolds Arushi for ruining her life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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