Pandya Store 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara is in a dilemma

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Pandya Store 23rd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta asking Natasha to come. She says Natasha will leave with me. Rishita asks Dhara to call Krish. Dhara says Shweta’s stay here will be a trouble for everyone, she will ruin everyone. Shweta says you have to accept this. Shiva hears Shweta’s voice and gets angry. Shweta says you can never get Chutki. Dhara thinks what shall I do, Krish’s life will be ruined if I call him. Rishita asks Dhara to just call Krish. She says if Chutki goes today, then even Chiku will go. Dev asks her to calm down. Dhara says if Shweta stays here, it will be a mess, did you think of Shiva’s health. Rishita says I just want my Chutki, Shweta will stay here. Shweta smiles. Suman says call Krish, ask him what is all this, he will handle this. Rishita says call him. She asks Shweta to come to her room. Shiva asks Raavi to open the door. He asks where is Shweta. Raavi worries. Suman asks Gautam what will happen now. Gautam says until Krish comes, you take rest. She asks will you make everything fine. Shweta asks Rishita to get Krish’s room cleaned.

Shiva doesn’t see Shweta. He asks where is Shweta, and where is Chutki. Raavi asks Shiva to leave it and take rest. He asks what’s going on, is everything fine, did Raavi fight with you again. Raavi signs Dhara. He asks what did you sign. Dhara says nothing, Chutki is with us, where will she go, Gautam is arguing with me, he is saying he has to go to store, can you please handle the store. Shiva says yes, I will go, Gautam can stay at home. He sees Dev. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, explain Gautam later, he always fights with me. He says don’t know why I was getting Shweta’s voice. He leaves. The kids go upstairs. Shiva sees Mittu and says where is he going. Rishita goes out. She asks Dhara to call Krish. Dhara says no, he will agree to Shweta and live with her, he loves Prerna, he is happy, I can’t ruin his life. Rishita argues about Chiku and Chutki. Dhara says don’t drag Chiku between. Rishita says Chiku will always be involved, if Shweta tells him that you made him away from her deliberately, how will you stop Chiku then. Dhara worries. Raavi says Krish comes here or not, Shweta will leave from this house, why isn’t anyone thinking of Shiva, I can’t lose him, if Shweta stays here then I will leave the house. Dhara says be it any child, all the children are mine, I won’t let anyone fall in trouble, don’t worry for Shiva, we will find a way to save him, but I have to do something first. She calls Krish. The kids trouble Natasha and throw her ipad. She runs to catch it. Shiva comes and saves her from falling.

Natasha hugs him. He smiles. Krish and Prerna come home. Prerna says Chutki has come, everything will be fine now. Krish asks Dhara why is everyone so silent, where is Chutki. He calls out Chutki. Shweta hears his voice. She comes out. The kids see Shiva and hide. Natasha thanks Shiva. He asks did your mum go again. She says Dolly. He says one shouldn’t leave a child free. Krish and Prerna get shocked seeing Shweta. Shweta hugs him.

Krish makes her away. Prerna asks what is happening. Shweta says its my surprise, so just I will say. She shows the divorce papers and says Krish you didn’t sign the divorce papers, so I m still your wife. They are shocked.

Shweta asks Rishita to think what she will do. She says I will go away with my daughter, Natasha. Shiva gets Natasha home. Dhara worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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