Pandya Store 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara learns Shweta’s plan

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Pandya Store 22nd November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiva taking the challenge to fight. The man laughs and asks him to think once. Shiva says I have thought of it. The man asks for entry fees. Shiva pays him. The man asks do you know fight rules. Shiva says yes, don’t teach me, get aside. He enters the ring. He thinks of Gautam’s words. The men prepare him for the fight. They ask Shiva about his family. Shiva says Shiva Pandya, everyone knows me in Somnath. Jankana asks what happened that Suman made you both out. Dhara says its our family matter, I would have told you if I could. Hari scolds her for planning to get Chiku’s money. Dhara says I don’t care for the money. Jankana says Hari didn’t mean that.

Dhara says Gautam and I will spend our money to raise Chiku, we won’t use your funds, I got Chiku with me to take care of him, if you don’t trust me, then make Shweta the custodian, I won’t have any problem, my love for Chiku won’t get less, we have fights at home, I m lucky that Gautam is with me. Jankana asks did you leave the house. Dhara says no, he will be there to explain everyone the difference between right and wrong, don’t worry about Dhara. Jankana says we trust you. Hari goes. A photo album falls. Dhara picks it. She sees Nitin’s pic and asks who is he. Jankana says he is Shweta’s friend, why are you asking. Dhara says nothing, I will go now, you can come anytime to meet Chiku. She leaves.

Shiva begins the fight. He recalls Gautam’s words. Get ready to fight…plays… Shiva thinks I have much pain in me, beat me more. He falls down. Dhara recalls Shweta’s words and cries. She thinks I can’t think she can do such a thing. She comes home and sees Rishita. She asks her to come in, its Gautam’s friend’s house. Rishita says you left me alone at home. Shiva recalls Raavi and Arnav. He gets much beaten up. Rishita hugs Raavi and asks her to rest. She says I never thought that you will stay away from the house. Raavi asks did you get any proof. Rishita says yes, it was strange, nurse didn’t understand your sign, Nitin refused too, I thought to meet Dr. Desai, nurse said he met with an accident, I thought Nitin is wrong, he was tensed talking to me. Dhara says yes, he told that Raavi is pregnant, he is Shweta’s old friend. Shweta sees Suman sad. She says I will do all the work. Suman says my bahus handle everything, you do what you can, else leave it. She doesn’t like the tea. She scolds her. Shweta thinks I have to make all your sons out, you will be left alone here. She says I will make tea again. Shiva faints down in the boxing ring. Raavi asks how do you know this. Dhara says I will tell you later, we have to catch Shweta and make her accept that she did this, she trapped us, now we will trap her.

Dhara says Shweta has done all this, she has broken our house. Krish says if she has done this, then she has to leave the house. They all join hands. Rishita asks where is Dr. Nitin. Nurse says he is behind you. Rishita and Dhara see Dr. Nitin coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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