Pandya Store 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara and kids fall into danger

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Pandya Store 22nd June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the kids shouting for help. Dhara calls them out. Chiku says we are here. Dhara sees them inside a pit. She asks them not to cry. She gets dizzy. She gives her hand to pull them. Gautam and Shiva fix the car. They leave. Natasha says we are finding it difficult to breathe. Dhara says you are strong. Arushi looks on and thinks what did I do, I made a plan to kill Dhra, how did the kids come here, how to save them. Dhara asks them to hold the dupatta and come up. She fails. The kids get fainting. Dhara asks them to stay strong. She says I won’t let anything happen to you. Arushi’s phone rings. Dhara hears the sound and turns to see. Gautam and everyone reach the spot. Shiva finds Dhara’s phone there. Arushi hides. She takes Malti’s call and says Dhara didn’t come, she left me alone. Malti says come home, we will leave. She gets the masks there. Dhara says I will get help and come, stay here. Malti asks how did this alien site police masks come here. Arushi disconnects the call. Malti gets angry and says Arushi planned this against Dhara, I will not let Dhara burn in the fire of hatred.

Dhara sees Arushi and holds her. She asks are you fine, aliens were taking you. She says help me, save my kids, they are stuck there, they will die, help them. Arushi says we need something to save them, I will get it. The kids call out Dhara. Arushi says sorry God, I m wrong, I can’t forgive myself. She leaves. Dhara goes back to the kids. Shiva shows Dhara’s phone to Gautam. Gautam worries. She asks did aliens take Dhara. Rishita says we will go and check. Shweta says no, we can’t go there, we have to protect ourself and then find the kids, we have to get the masks from the safety van. Shiva goes and gets the masks. Dhara calls out Arushi. She asks Arushi to come fast. Dhara says I will help Arushi and come. Chiku says she didn’t save us, she isn’t our real mum. Dhara falls and gets hurt on her head. Gautam and everyone look for Dhara. Malti calls Arushi.

She asks where are you, are you okay. Arushi says I m okay, worry for Dhara, she is dying. Malti asks what are you saying, did you burn in hatred that you ended your only relation. Arushi says you loved Dhara, I have killed her because of you. Malti scolds her. She calls Shiva. Dhara hears the kids shouting and opens eyes. Malti reaches the spot. She sees Shiva and says save Dhara, Arushi tricked Dhara and called her here to take revenge because you didn’t marry Arushi, she called me and said Dhara is going to die, save my daughter. Shiva is shocked.

Dhara loses Malti. She says I lost Chiku and my mum because of your hatred. Arushi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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