Pandya Store 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam and Dhara’s proud moment

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Pandya Store 22nd July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anita asking Shiva to treat Raavi well now, Raavi is his wife now. Raavi goes. Shiva sees Dhara sleeping. She thinks Dhara did a lot for us. He recalls the childhood. Dev comes and stands with Shiva. He also gets sad seeing Dhara. He also recalls Dhara’s words. Zindagi mere ghar aana….plays… Dhara wakes up. She gets shocked seeing them sitting near her feet. She asks what happened, what are you doing here, are you feeling hungry. Dev and Shiva take her. She asks what happened. They take her to the temple. They make her sit. She asks what are you doing. Shiva says you have the same place as God in our sight. Dhara cries emotionally. They lie in her lap. She holds them. Gautam comes and looks on. She says you got me here to say this. They cry. Shiva says God will be proud that we gave you the next place to him. She cries. Gautam also cries. She says I don’t want a higher seat. She sits down and hugs them.

Its morning, Dhara asks Raavi not to be so excited. Raavi goes and collides with Shiva. He says its better to stay away. Raavi says you had no problem to come close to me, what happened now, I have explained you everything. Krish says I have much work, I have no time to watch your romantic film. Raavi asks when will workers come, I m thinking to make tea for them. Dev and Krish laugh. Prafulla gives her old sarees. She asks the lady to give her utensils. Anita comes home. Prafulla asks her to see what is that lady saying. Anita says take anything and hit on my head, Dhara’s Devars are making a new bedroom for her.

Gautam asks what’s happening, where are the workers, task won’t complete if it doesn’t start on time, you don’t value time and money, call the workers fast, else I will throw these things outside. They smile. Gautam asks Dhara to see they are so stubborn. Dhara asks them to call the workers fast. They smile and take her blessings. Shiva says we are your workers. Suman smiles. Dhara says you three will do. Dev says we will make the room with our hands for you and Gautam. Gautam smiles. Shiva says workers will just use cement and bricks, but we will mix love in it. Rishita says Dev, this love for Dhara is fine, but construction is technical. Dev says don’t worry, we had online study. Shiva says its not less than making a temple for us. Gautam says understood, start the work now, I will be the supervisor. Suman plays the shank. She blesses them and asks them to make a good room. Raavi hugs Dhara.

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Anita gets irritated. Prafulla says marry Hardik and then trouble Dhara, do whatever you want. Anita thinks. Suman sings Saathi haath batana…. Krish, Dev and Shiva take the cement sacks to the terrace. Suman asks Dhara to see the diamonds she had born. Krish gets tired. He says I m doing this work because I love Gautam and Dhara, else child labor is a crime. Shiva asks him to sit, he can’t do it. Dev asks Krish to rest. Krish says no, I will also work. Dhara asks Suman to rest in the room. Suman says you think I got old, I have build this house alone, paralysis attack happened, even then I m able to move my hands, just this leg should get fine, then I will also lift sacks, Shiva went on me, Krish went on you, don’t make my grandchildren like you, delicate, make them strong like me. Gautam says yes. Jeevan ka ye pahiya….plays….

Dev, Shiva and Krish start building the walls. Gautam looks on and smiles. Raavi gets water bottles for them. Raavi gets tea. Dev thanks her. She says you will all get dinner here. Shiva takes the tea. Krish asks why are you looking at the sky. He jokes. Gautam says its going to rain, your hardwork will go waste. Dev says I don’t think so. Gautam says you took this decision on a wrong time. Shiva says I don’t think it will rain. Suman coughs. Dhara gets water. She says I told you. The weather gets windy. Everyone worries.

Some bricks fall down over Suman. Dhara shouts Maa. Krish also shouts. Suman gets shocked.

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