Pandya Store 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara supports Raavi

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Pandya Store 21st November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita not seeing Shweta in the footage. She sees Dhara talking to the senior doctor. She asks who is this doctor. The man says you said doctor asked for the footage. Rishita says I m new here, I need time to remember faces. The man says he is Dr. Desai, don’t forget now. She asks who is this girl, she is pretty. The man says her name is Raavi Pandya. She says I just asked, bye. Shweta comes to Dr. Desai. She drops some liquid on the floor. She asks him to just come and check the patient. He slips and falls down. He gets hurt. Shweta smiles and says one has to do a lot to save oneself, so sorry. Rishita comes there.

Gautam hugs Dhara and says I won’t let you stay here for long. Dhara asks him not to worry and go home. He asks them to take care. Rishita enters the cabin. She doesn’t see anyone. She leaves. Raavi recalls Shiva’s words and cries. She says Shiva didn’t think once before blaming me, and I m sitting here like a fool and thinking of him.

Dhara consoles her. Shweta hides from Rishita. Nurse says Dr. Desai met with an accident, he can’t meet anyone, his operation is going on. Shweta smiles. Rishita says you give me his address, I will talk to him there. Nurse says his condition is critical, leave now. Rishita leaves. Shweta says I m more smart than you. Gautam recalls Shiva’s words. He gets angry and scolds Shiva. Krish calms down Gautam. Gautam says he can’t be our Shiva. Shiva argues with him.

Krish says I don’t know how much you are right or wrong, but Dhara and Raavi should have not left, Raavi can’t do this, every relation has fights, Shweta and I also fight. Shiva shouts on him and asks him not to interfere. Krish says I don’t want to grow, you are my elder brother, I will never leave you. Shiva stops him and goes. Jankana says Dhara left the house and took Chiku along, no, she can’t take the money. She sees Dhara and Chiku. She says Hari was doubting her for no reason. She asks how is Chiku. Dhara says I thought of taking juice for Raavi. Jankana says I was going home to meet Shweta, why did you come to buy the juice. Dhara asks what shall I hide from you, there is misunderstanding about Raavi, she had to leave the house, I couldn’t leave her alone, so I also came out. Jankana says such things happen, you come home with me, we will stay together. Dhara asks how can I stay there. Jankana says fine, come back in some time, Hari is tensed about Chiku, if you come with him, he will be less tensed. Suman sees the house and cries. Krish gets sad and calls Shweta. She comes home and answers his call. He asks where did you go. She says I have health issues, I went to get medicine for my headache. He says thanks for telling me your issues, will you take care of Suman. She says of course, I will take care of her, Dhara isn’t here. She goes. He doubts her.

Shiva recalls Dhara and Gautam’s words. He sees a fighting competition going on and hears about the reward. He goes there to participate. He says I will fight with him.

Dhara sees the photo album. She asks who is this guy. Jankana says he is Nitin, Shweta’s friend. Dhara says Nitin is Shweta’s old friend, Shweta has trapped us, now we will trap her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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